We created this place for many different types of people and for many different uses, but it all boils down to having a garage to work on your vehicles. Need to rent a lift?  Come on in.  Need to rent a bay or stall?  Got you covered.  We have done our best to create a safe DIY environment filled with everything needed to work on all types of vehicles in one convenient location.  Don’t let the dealership or neighborhood repair shop hammer you for $100+ dollars an hour, come do it yourself in our garage at very affordable rates and save yourself some serious coin.  Cars, trucks, motorcycles, ATV’s, racing lawnmowers, scooters, go karts – bring it.

Our garage is your garage. And your garage is full of tools, equipment, compressed air, fluid reclamation tanks, shop equipment and vehicle lifts. We just left the treadmill, Christmas tree, baby buggies, boxes and lawn mower at home.

Swing by and check us out, pop in and rent a lift, pull up and turn a wrench: we’re in Virginia Beach near Oceana, easily accessible from anywhere in Hampton Roads.

Don’t have a garage? Not allowed to work on your vehicle in your apartment complex parking lot?  HOA says ‘No Way’ to the driveway? That’s why we’re here.

Do it yourself, you know you can.

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