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What goes well with DIY? Knowing what you’re doing. Stand by for classes like Underhood Familiarization, Fluid Changes 101, Electrical Trouble-shooting, Brake Jobs, Alignments, Balance/Tire Rotation, Transmission Service, Do It Yourself techniques and more… Got some ideas for classes you’d like to be a part of? Let us know!


“Pilot” Women’s Basic Automotive Class

We had a great turnout for our ‘pilot’ Women’s Basic Automotive Class!  We covered things like: putting on and taking off a tire, where and how you would find the pinch points/jacking points on your car and how they vary on different vehicles, the dynamics of the brake system, what is underneath the vehicle/what those parts do, what is underneath the hood and what the various fluids are for, how to hook up a jump box in case you are stranded by a dead battery and several other things.

We actually used a portable car battery jump box and demonstrated how to use it if the battery was dead showing that another vehicle isn’t necessarily needed for the ‘jump’.  The class was about 2 hours long, we had lots of questions and even more answers.  🙂

A few of the comments we got about it:

‘Great overall!’
‘Excellent info!’
‘I’d recommend it’
‘I think the instruction was very thorough for a basic class’
‘I thought it was great!’

We’ve got a few more class topics that we’re putting together and will be adding more as we get our hands dirty. 🙂

And a few pix of the fun!



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