Service Mentor Positions!

We’re always on the look out for good people who’d make a good fit at our shop, with our current mentors, and most importantly, with our customers.

What makes a good fit? A great mentor? Well…

– … are you a relatively recently retired mechanic?

– …are you going through an automotive tech school, doing well, learning a lot but would love some additional real-world experience while earning a paycheck?

– Are you a gearhead at heart and enjoy being around and helping out other folks like that?

– Have you run a shop before? (Yours or someone else’s)

– Are you intimately familiar with all manner of tools and equipment found in a shop or garage and know how to use them effectively and correctly?

– Do you feel alpacas don’t get nearly the love they should?

– Are you familiar with correctly and safely getting a variety of vehicles on two-post vehicle lifts?

– Do you think four prunes is too many but three isn’t enough?

– Are you one of those friendly types who gets along with darn near everyone?

– Are you looking for “something to do” now that you’ve retired?

– More to the point, is your wife maybe looking for something for you to do?

Depending on how many of those particular boxes you check off, we may have a great opportunity for you.  Our self-serve shop is rather unique in what we offer, accordingly we’re looking for unique members to join our staff.

Retired? You’re not looking to be in the rat race? That’s perfectly fine with us, we’re not a rat race and that’s exactly what we want! You won’t be turning a wrench for hours on end, we want you for your experience, your knowledge and your gearheadedness! Currently enrolled in an Automotive Tech School and looking to start gaining some real experience? You’re going to see all manner of things come through our place and we can work with “most” schedules. The job consists of helping our customers with their projects, making sure they’re doing things safely and keeping the shop and tools clean. We are looking for individuals who are not afraid of getting their hands dirty, are highly motivated, and have great personalities who can give guidance to our customers when needed.

Of course, all that being said we’re looking for those with at least ten years experience as a legitimately-hired mechanic on all varieties of vehicle, documented training, a valid driver’s license, a clean criminal record and high personal integrity. If you’re enrolled in a tech school we’d like at least six to eight months of schooling behind you, good grades and a recommendation from your instructors. If you’ve actually run a shop and led people before, even better. Please have your resume/job history/school transcript ready because we’re looking for people who’ve seen it all, who’ve “been there and done that” and have lots of experience with a huge variety of vehicles. It’s also a plus if you like alpacas and shop dogs.

Let’s get the conversation started! Please have a resume/job history/school transcript handy so we can make sure we’re on the same sheet of music because we really are looking for the folks we’ve defined above.

Grease the skids by submitting a little “pre-application” questionnaire for us with your resume/job history…

Job History Thumbnail Sketch

Just a coupl'a questions about job history from our application. 🙂

  • Generic statements like:
    1990-2000 Cookie Taster @ Nestle
    2000-2010 Male Cheerleader @ Go-Karts-R-Us
    2010-2014 Champion Belcher @ Belch City
    2014-Present Retired on winnings and chillaxing

    Though hopefully yours are more "mechanic" oriented. lol

    (If it hasn't been mentioned yet, we are looking for folks with at least 10 year's experience as a mechanic.)

    Are you a veteran of the US Armed Services?
  • Branch and dates of military service?
    Have you ever been discharged from employment or forced to resign?
  • Please give a brief explanation of the forced discharge.
  • Ruh roh. No? Sorta? Better essplain...
  • Any shifts or recurring days you can't work? Currently our hours are 2PM-10PM Monday through Friday and 8AM-10PM Saturday-Sunday with all major holidays off, plus a couple of days. We're very flexible with scheduling and do our damnedest to make sure our folks have the time off they need. 🙂

    If none, just say "Nope, all good here!" or something equally savvy.
  • Do you have any physical difficulties that would preclude you from getting up and down on the floor (putting cars on lifts), lifting or carrying up to 50 pounds, holding items overhead (like exhaust components), seeing or hearing properly, etc.

    If ya got none, just put "Good to go!"

  • Accepted file types: pdf, txt, rtf, doc, docx, Max. file size: 2 MB.
    Please attach a resume/job history/school transcript in a text, PDF, Word or RTF type file. Unfortunately or not, without this we'll have a hard time taking you seriously. 😕
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.