Though you most certainly don’t need to be a member to come in and get your wrench on, we do offer memberships.  We thought a membership would come in handy for those folks who are the “designated family and friends’ mechanic” or the “designated car club mechanic” – you know who they are, those folks who are always being asked to “take a look at this noise” because they’re either a gearhead or a mechanic, lol.  In addition to that, we thought it’d be helpful to those guys who are always modding and demodding their rides, the “go fast” types always looking for that extra horse.  Memberships are available in four different levels and types to help you save even more money above and beyond doing it yourself. Three levels of personal or individual memberships and a group/club membership level are available.

Annual Membership Levels

Cost and benefits:

  • Gold – $300: Save 20% on bay or Tools & Tackle rentals, ADIYG License plate frame, ADIYG T-shirt, pair of mechanic’s gloves, personal eye protection, ADIYG Maintenance Log notepad, large embroidered canvas mechanic’s bag
  • Silver – $200: Save 15% on bay or Tools & Tackle rentals, ADIYG T-shirt, personal eye protection, ADIYG Maintenance Log notepad, medium embroidered canvas mechanic’s bag
  • Bronze – $100: Save 10% on bay or Tools & Tackle rentals, ADIYG T-shirt, ADIYG Maintenance Log notepad

General Benefits: (applies to all levels)

  • Receive commercial account access for discounts on products from our partners NAPA, Advance Auto Parts, Pep Boys and O’Reilly Auto Parts
  • Get first crack at joining classes and suggesting new ones
  • Be first in line to hear about and join upcoming events and shape how they’ll take place
  • “Sponsor” a new member and receive free hours

Annual Car Club/Group Membership Level:


  • $150 a year


  • Each Club/Group member gets a 5% discount on bay fees
  • Club/Group gets 2 hours use of the classroom/lounge and/or bay per month for meetings or wrench/tech night
  • Hanging banner with the club logo hung on the shop wall or from ceiling
  • 15% off club event fees, club classes and additional club hours (beyond the two given as part of the membership)
  • Each Club/Group member gets a 15% discount on individual membership

Membership rosters must be submitted upon initial application (and kept up-to-date with the arrival or departure of members). Memberships are re-evaluated on an annual schedule.