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If this plugin is working properly you should be able to peruse through some of our reviews. Yes, we know, there are a couple “not-five-star” reviews in there but we think it’d be disingenuous to filter them out and claim we’re straight five star (even if it IS true, lol).

Though few and far between, from what we’ve been able to determine, they’re usually trolls who have never been to the shop. Those of you who have been to the shop know we get your information for our point of sale system as well as for waivers, and more often than not, the bad reviewers have not been in. (And for those of you who haven’t been to the shop, well now you know that too, lol)

It is what it is, right? This being the internet and all, anybody can say anything they want and not be held accountable. We like to think the “body of work” of the vast number – and ratings – of our reviews speak for themselves. 🙂

Tylor Giv Avatar
Tylor Giv
11/17/2020 - Facebook

Great time everytime im there very helpful and good people 10/10 would recommend

Ben Reynolds Avatar
Ben Reynolds
11/01/2020 - Facebook

Incredible shop. amazing tools, all calibrated. Beautiful work space. 100% worth the price of admission. Couldn't be any happier

David Macoretta Avatar
David Macoretta
10/31/2020 - Google

LBJghost Avatar
10/27/2020 - Google

Staff is very helpful

Christopher Page Avatar
Christopher Page
10/20/2020 - Google

I went there because I has a check engine light. With my OBDII scanner, I knew that codes P0171 and P0174 (system too lean, banks 1 & 2) were the problem. I troubleshot myself, the air filter and MAS were clean, the fuel filter was new, I found no vacuum leaks, the PCV checked out good, and knew that 2 O2 sensors would have to have failed simultaneously, to pop both codes. I though my problem must be the fuel pump. None of the auto parts stores, nor the Auto Hobby Shops on the bases had a scanner that reads fuel pressure, and the repair shops charge over $100 to diagnose. I bought a fuel pump, and was prepared to drop my gas tank to replace the one in my van. American DIY Garage had a sophisticated enough scanner to verify that my fuel pressure (and therefore, pump) were good. The MAS was reading at .01 lbs, which the DIY rep said was too low. The diagnostic cost me less than $6. I returned the $155 fuel pump, and bought a $55 MAS. After installation, it still read .01 lbs, but I cleared the codes, and they've stayed cleared. This was for my work van, which is very important to my livelihood. Giving American DIY Garage a try turned out to be a great investment of my time and money.

Fellipe Matias Avatar
Fellipe Matias
10/20/2020 - Google

Very helpful and knowledge staff, very clean shop with possibly any tool you need.

Mario Rosales Jr. Avatar
Mario Rosales Jr.
10/20/2020 - Google

Armando Alberti Avatar
Armando Alberti
10/19/2020 - Facebook

Amazing team, great facility and bay setup has all u need to do the job. Very knowledgeable staff.

Vay Vay Avatar
Vay Vay
10/13/2020 - Google

The entire staff there was so helpful , Wade the manger is awesome ...They made fixing my car so quick and easy with there supplies ...Also the pricing is great, I would definitely be there again..if there were more places and great staff like this in virgina it would be so helpful I love it there..I would recommend this place to anyone and everyone....

Bill Lawrence Avatar
Bill Lawrence
10/01/2020 - Facebook

Went there today to look for an annoying rattle under my F150. The two guys there put my truck up on the lift.....we found a loose exhaust heat shield........they secured it with a hose clamp and I was on my way! Great!.....all for $17. I previously had asked an oil change tech if they could look for the rattle while they were down there....and of course they wouldn’t.
DIY garage is the way to go and the guys working there will help you!

Thomas Brodowski Avatar
Thomas Brodowski
9/15/2020 - Google

Great place and helpful and knowledgeable staff.

Patrick Lula Avatar
Patrick Lula
9/04/2020 - Google

Plum Crazy Avatar
Plum Crazy
9/01/2020 - Google

ADIYG is the place to go work on your car. You won't be alone working on your car, if you run in to trouble you will have assistance from staff to get your sorted out. I had to replace upper ball joints and they where a real pain to get swapped. Both Wayne and Dalton helped me out a lot and I owe it to them for helping me get my car finished up. Thank you guys again for allowing me to run over closing time by 30 minutes and for all the help you offered. Will be back for sure!

Samantha Ciotta Avatar
Samantha Ciotta
8/25/2020 - Google

This place is awesome. I'm so glad I found y'all. My overall experience has been incredible! I'm learning and doing my best to take care of my car. These guys went above and beyond to educate me on things I needed help with. They have ALL the tools you need for the job. They're friendly, the garage is super clean, organized and SUPER COOL. 😎 This really should be a more popular concept all over. Jason, Mark, Sarah and everyone else working are fantastic 👏 👌 👍 You guys rock! Thanks for all of your help and I'll be back!

Jocelyn Willis Avatar
Jocelyn Willis
8/18/2020 - Google

I was very stressed about how much it would cost to get my alternator fixed but then I went here and with some help from the amazing staff there, I was able to put a new alternator-(they ordered and had it delivered within 30 mins) in myself with the guidance of the amazing staff. They had all the tools and knowledge needed to help me fix something I never thought I could do!

Eric Wolf Avatar
Eric Wolf
8/04/2020 - Google

Friendly and helpful staff! Very clean well-maintained and they have everything most people would possibly need!

2 Step Tommy Avatar
2 Step Tommy
8/04/2020 - Google

David is so helpful and knowledgeable, I hope he never leaves this place because he's the best!

Bradley Eakins Avatar
Bradley Eakins
8/04/2020 - Google

Great staff, shop's taken care of nicely, has an awesome selection of tools, great pricing.

Zane Gould Avatar
Zane Gould
8/01/2020 - Facebook

Great customer service!

Had to get some quick work done on the Jeep and heard about this place. Came in and they got me into a stall and showed me around. Everything is very clean and well organized, all the tools are in great shape and work well, tool boxes and equipment in excellent condition, easy access to anything you need! I was very impressed!

If you don’t have a pro garage of your own, this is the place to go!

Thank you American DIY Garage!

Amanda McMillan Avatar
Amanda McMillan
7/28/2020 - Google

First time coming here and it certainly won't be our last! What an amazing place. Better than the others! Clean, friendly, organized, and at a fraction of what you'd pay a shop! 10/5 highly recommend. Even on the hottest day of the year, it was very pleasant working here. Had to order some parts unexpectedly, but they arrived within 20 minutes! Can't beat this place. You've earned customers for life! P.S. They have great individual and club membership options for discounted rates and other rewards for an annual price!

Monse Santiago Avatar
Monse Santiago
7/28/2020 - Google

James Miller Avatar
James Miller
7/21/2020 - Google

Had a great experience. Clean bays, all the tools that were needed, knowledgable and helpful staff. Will be back!

Anthony Rice Avatar
Anthony Rice
7/21/2020 - Google

Clean facilities with well-maintained tools and helpful, knowledgeable staff.

Mandii McMillan Avatar
Mandii McMillan
7/20/2020 - Facebook

Fantastic place! I cannot say enough good things about it! The PEOPLE. The TOOLS. The CLEANLINESS. Everything was just absolutely amazing. Such a beautiful, well behaved pup they have! 10/5 would recommend. Ordered parts and had them delivered within 20 minutes! We will FOREVER be customers!

Joel Zinger Avatar
Joel Zinger
7/08/2020 - Facebook

over the top customer service. extremely supportive staff. will definitely return. military discount honored here as well. spent 2 full days on a timing project and still saved $1000.00 dollars on mechanics' quotes!

Lord Farthing Avatar
Lord Farthing
7/07/2020 - Google

Loved this place! Employees were very helpful and attentive to everyone in the shop. They made sure I had the right tools and even helped when needed. I will be returning.

Peter Frome Avatar
Peter Frome
7/03/2020 - Facebook

I can’t say enough great things about this place!

- Excellent facilities
- Knowledgeable and friendly staff
- High quality tools
- Active duty/veteran discount

A great place to go do work on your vehicle if you either don’t have the tools or the space for the job at home. The staff will gladly answer any questions you come across but they will let you work by yourself as well, which is a huge plus.

5 stars all the way!

Alex Bishop Avatar
Alex Bishop
6/30/2020 - Google

Adam Stotler Avatar
Adam Stotler
6/23/2020 - Google

Went in to change front and rear brake pads and rotors. Staff was extremely helpful. Wayne was able to provide expert knowledge and tips anytime I was unsure how to proceed. All the tools that I needed were readily accessible in a labeled toolbox.

Steven Oszmanski Avatar
Steven Oszmanski
6/23/2020 - Google

Bill G Avatar
Bill G
6/16/2020 - Google

Super awesome garage and amazing staff, hands down the best place to work on your vehicle. Highly recommend and will be going back soon!

Kimber K Avatar
Kimber K
6/14/2020 - Google

Today was the first time we visited this garage. The facility is amazingly clean, they had every tool we needed on hand, but the best part was the staff.... Jason, Sarah, and David were so patient and helpful. They made sure they were readily available to answer any questions we had. I’m so happy with this place and highly recommend it. I can’t wait to tell my friends and coworkers!!!

Ron Clark Avatar
Ron Clark
6/09/2020 - Google


Maulesh Patel Avatar
Maulesh Patel
6/08/2020 - Google

Great place for the people who like to work on their cars and dont have lifts and tools. Nice people very experienced and helpful. People who know how to work on cars and save money on expensive labor this is a place to go. Well maintained equipments and facility.

Jon Wyche Avatar
Jon Wyche
6/08/2020 - Google

Jeff Corrie Avatar
Jeff Corrie
4/04/2020 - Facebook

Went in today for some work in my Jeep. They had all the tools I needed and a lift too. It’s so much easier working at eye level instead ip and down in a crawler for four hours! A little pricey but not when you consider what it takes to run a business like this and keep it clean and well stocked. Thanks to Jason and the guys for the help w/ my project I will definitely be coming back.

Salien Ly Avatar
Salien Ly
3/22/2020 - Facebook

forgot to give them a review but overall experience was pretty great, all hands on deck if needed for help. Every staff member was helpful when my husband was stuck. They have everything we needed. My husband broke a piece screw and one of the crew had called to order a replacement and it came within 30 minutes. Its crazy fast. I would definitely recommend this place.

Ethan Jones Avatar
Ethan Jones
3/15/2020 - Facebook

great experience. entire facility extremely clean and organized. pleasant all around.

Julie Robinson Avatar
Julie Robinson
3/08/2020 - Facebook

Very clean fully equipped garage. The staff is top notch. I'll be back.

Maricela T. Castro Avatar
Maricela T. Castro
3/07/2020 - Facebook

I had been looking for a reason to get in this garage; this is the best place for those of you who like to work on your own vehicles. Everything is clean, all the tools you need and some you didn't know you did (and won't want to do without again!), clean restrooms, climate controlled environment, AND coffee!! The staff was great and made us feel at home and safe while working on our vehicle. Thank you! 🙂

Youko Kanna Avatar
Youko Kanna
3/07/2020 - Google

I'm a novice when I comes to cars, I'm a woman but I can do basic stuff like change tires check air check oil and so on. I needed new wheel and hub bearings and after researching found I could do it myself and took it to these guys. Got into my bay on time they lifted it for me and gave me pointers and tips along the way even had to use some heavy duty machinery to get one loose. Big thanks to all the staff. The place is clean the staff is welcoming and they even have a cute little shop puppy that I played with for a bit. All around good place if you wanna be a do it yourself person, are tired of the dealers or just wanna save yourself some money head over to DIYSG you wont regret it.

Dan Flood Avatar
Dan Flood
3/07/2020 - Google

The best experience i could ask for,They had parts delivered while i removed my parts. It took like 20 minutes.for parts to get there. Every tool i needed, to include air powered tools. Rags ,cleaners, brushes, feeler gauges . i did about 700 dollars worth of work for less than $350. You all gave this plumber is fully stock garage.Thanks and till next time.Be blessed

Tauna James Avatar
Tauna James
3/07/2020 - Google

Awesome place...Would definitely recommend !!!

Cash Beckler Avatar
Cash Beckler
3/04/2020 - Facebook

excellent staff, they go out of the way to help if you need it. everything was clean and ready for use. I will be back soon for sure.

Ida Payne Avatar
Ida Payne
3/01/2020 - Facebook

If your looking to save money are a do it yourselfer or are just plain tired of the dealers and know you can buy the parts and do it yourself come here. They're awesome people and really nice. And have people on staff to help. *edit* I had to change out two wheel and hub bearings drivers side came out fine with David and Jared's help. Passenger side one required pulling off the whole axle, but thanks to Jared and sir Jason for helping me with that whole fiasco, they kept assuring me after I insisted I had the worlds most difficult car that what I had was nothing and was normal. Seven hours later i had a new set of wheel and hub bearings installed. Thank you guys I'll be sure to return again.

Rick Terrell Avatar
Rick Terrell
2/29/2020 - Google

Awesome place. What a great way to be able to make your own vehicle repairs. They had all the tools I needed plus the use of a lift made it faster and easier. Garage was clean and well organized. Technical support was spot on. Just a great experience. I'll definitely be back next time I need to make more repairs

DPg r Avatar
DPg r
2/29/2020 - Google

Great shop very clean and great customer service! Definitely will come again!Dwight R.

Henrique Ruivo Avatar
Henrique Ruivo
2/29/2020 - Google

Love this place.

Earl Avatar
2/29/2020 - Google

Charles Roberts Avatar
Charles Roberts
2/20/2020 - Google

Benjamin Bates Avatar
Benjamin Bates
2/15/2020 - Facebook

Just went in to do some basic maintenance on my ZL1 and had a great experience. Amazing overall customer service and everything was very clean and convenient. David Ortiz made sure I had everything I needed and even went out of his way to fabricate a device for me to use to refill my supercharger oil. Looking forward to using American DIY again.

Cameron Woodfell Avatar
Cameron Woodfell
2/15/2020 - Facebook

amazing group of people. with amazing knowledge and always willin to help will always have my business.

Bill Atherton Avatar
Bill Atherton
2/14/2020 - Facebook

This is a great idea. Back in the seventies there was a place in Columbus, Ohio where you could use a bay with a lift. Came in very handy a couple of times.

Robert Mangum Avatar
Robert Mangum
2/13/2020 - Google

This was my first visit to American diyg and I found there shop to be very clean and well stocked. The staff were very friendly and extremely helpful I wouldn't hesitate to go there again or recomend it to friends. So if you need a place to do some repairs on your ride this is where to do it.

Justin Goins Avatar
Justin Goins
2/13/2020 - Google

Awful service. No idea how they are still open.

Ryan Fagliarone Avatar
Ryan Fagliarone
2/06/2020 - Google

Wowwww!!! Spoke with Steve about coming in early to change my Pathfinder blown Radiator....he was great to talk to ,very prompt n Proffessional, extremely helpful and Wayne was extremely kind n helpful!!!!!This place Rocks...Meticulous shop too, great people..will def be coming back..... HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!! Thank You Guys Ryan F-

Hailey4864 Avatar
2/06/2020 - Google

Went there to work on my truck. The staff was really helpful. Their knowledge base help figure out what was wrong with my truck and ehat i need to do to get it inspection ready. I highly recommend this shop.

Bobby Dean Avatar
Bobby Dean
2/06/2020 - Google

You won't find a better or friendlier place to do business with then American Do It Yourself Garage!!! If nothing else go check them out !!!!!!!!!

John Jones Avatar
John Jones
2/06/2020 - Google

Patricia Welch Avatar
Patricia Welch
1/30/2020 - Google

Pristine garage, tools in great condition w/no missing parts, the kind of garage you would want for yourself, great service and very nice and helpful people. Perfect for those that have no tools and no place to work.

D Benny Bennetch Avatar
D Benny Bennetch
1/23/2020 - Facebook

Went there today to install 3" Polished Stainless Steel Side Step Bars on my new 2020 Chevy Colorado crew cab. I was very impressed with the staff and the cleanliness of the shop and all the bays. They had everything (tool wise) you could ever possibly need to work on your vehicle.This is an excellent resource for those who like to do their own work. The guys put my truck on the lift safely and even offered assistance to double check my work once completed. Great guys - I can't say enough about how pleased I am to find such a place. Will go back again to do some under work to my 1982 Corvette. Thanks again guys !!!!

Najib Khan Avatar
Najib Khan
1/20/2020 - Google

Went in to knock out the outer tie rods on my Tacoma. Wayne was really helpful with making sure I had all the right tools and even offered pointers throughout the install. Very clean shop, with all the tools you’ll ever need to get the job done. It turned out that I needed an inner tie rod and Advance Auto Part go the part to me under 20 minutes. Best DIY shop for guys who like to do their own work.

Kristie-Lynne Beatty Avatar
Kristie-Lynne Beatty
1/20/2020 - Google

Unbelievable how clean everything is considering some of the grungy work being done and fluids leaking/spilled under vehicles. They are meticulous in making sure your space is 100% clean and ready when you arrive and every tool you can imagine is there for you. Very nice guys who are ready and willing to share knowledge or lend a hand (literally!) if you need help.

Jamar Black Avatar
Jamar Black
1/20/2020 - Google

The team here is extremely helpful and knowledgeable, not only do they know about most cars but will recommend better solutions to anything issues. I recommend it here to all of my friends with car Maintenance and repairs.

Calvin Roberts Avatar
Calvin Roberts
1/20/2020 - Google

They have everything you need for the DIYer. Saves time vs being in your own driveway/garage. They also have impact tools which speed things up.

Kevin Crummett Avatar
Kevin Crummett
1/20/2020 - Google

Great place to do some of your own work. Perfectly organized and a lot of knowledgeable help on hand. All you need is your car and your parts!

Andrew Widman Avatar
Andrew Widman
1/20/2020 - Google

Such an awesome place to work on your vehicle. Clean and tons of tools to use for any project. Extremely knowledgeable and helpful staff

Jeff Taber Avatar
Jeff Taber
1/20/2020 - Google

Place is awesome and staff helped us out when we would get stuck on something we couldn’t get done ourselves!

Jimmy Gosses Avatar
Jimmy Gosses
1/20/2020 - Google

Eddie Kaufman Avatar
Eddie Kaufman
1/06/2020 - Facebook

Had a big job on my truck DIYG was there for me with the tools and help when I needed it. They very friendly and Knowledgeable. Thanks DIYG.

Greg Panza Avatar
Greg Panza
1/02/2020 - Facebook

American do it yourself garage is an outstanding facility. The guys in there are willing to help and their first class and everything they do. Highly recommend if you want to work on your vehicle that's the place to go.

Nicholas Tiong Avatar
Nicholas Tiong
12/21/2019 - Facebook

Came here based off of a recommendation from a friend and I couldn’t be happier taking their advice. American DIY Garage is awesome! The owners and staff are extremely welcoming and hospitable. Came in for an oil change today, but I’m sure I’ll be back for more. They have definitely earned my patronage.

Randy Cutter Avatar
Randy Cutter
12/20/2019 - Google

Went to help my brother work on his truck. After getting the rear wheels off of the F350 Dually we needed a special tool for removing the axle nut. Went to the guys @ DIYG and they had the exact tool to remove it. Once we got the drums off we found that the emergency brake shoes were worn. The guys stepped up and ordered the parts from the local parts house & had them there in 15 minutes.The Guys & American DIYG were great. All the stalls were full before we finished our work. Thanks Guys for all your help and an awesome shop for a reasonable price.As a small business owner myself, I know it must have cost them a fortune to setup this awesome shop.Once again, Thanks for all your help! Will be back again.

James Beard Avatar
James Beard
12/20/2019 - Google

Stopped in to swap out my shocks and compressor. The place was like a big kids playground! All the tools I needed and an employee was always out there helping me with the right tools and strategies to get the job done when they realized I had little knowledge (but atleast more then the last person to work on it). Overall, can't wait to go back for more repairs/upgrades.

Frank Atkinson Avatar
Frank Atkinson
12/20/2019 - Google

I have gotten good advice and a helping hand. When other DIY'ers are there, the experience and conversation is even better. Having access to a large selection of tools, and not having to lug your own around is a big plus. One time I had the wrong part, and getting a replacement delivered through the shop was quick and easy.

Larissa Ringel Avatar
Larissa Ringel
12/20/2019 - Google

Amazing to be able to go in get out of the cold and be able to do a quick oil change and tire rotation.

Adam James Avatar
Adam James
12/20/2019 - Google

Lauren McManus Avatar
Lauren McManus
12/19/2019 - Facebook

The guys were so helpful in assisting me with any questions i had.

Randall Cutter Avatar
Randall Cutter
12/18/2019 - Facebook

Went to help my brother work on his truck. After getting the rear wheels off of the F350 Dually we needed a special tool for removing the axle nut. Went to the guys @ DIYG and they had the exact tool to remove it. Once we got the drums off we found that the emergency brake shoes were worn. The guys stepped up and ordered the parts from the local parts house & had them there in 15 minutes.
The Guys & American DIYG were great. All the stalls were full before we finished our work. Thanks Guys for all your help and an awesome shop for a reasonable price.
As a small business owner myself, I know it must have cost them a fortune to setup this awesome shop.

Once again, Thanks for all your help! Will be back again.

Gone Deaf Avatar
Gone Deaf
11/20/2019 - Google

I can't say enough of how great my experience was at the ADIY Garage. The staff was so helpful and the facilities were top notch. The tools provided were the best and made my auto work go smoothly and effortless. I highly recommend this place because they saved me a ton of money the dealerships and private auto repair places would have charged me. Give this place a try. You will not be disappointed!! I will be returning for more jobs in the future!

Dan Fuhrman Avatar
Dan Fuhrman
11/20/2019 - Google

First time customer this week! Met with Dave & Wayne and they both gave me a detailed description of the facilities/equipment and an overall breakdown of what the garage offers to its customers. I was impressed with the cleanliness and layout of the facility. I recommend the DIYG facility and Team. Thanks for your service!

Chris Brown Avatar
Chris Brown
11/20/2019 - Google

Awesome experience! Super cool facility! Excellent service with hard working staff that lends a hand if needed. First class from start to finish!

Robert Smith Avatar
Robert Smith
11/20/2019 - Google

this place has all the tools that you'll need plus very helpful and knowledgeable staff

Chris Brown Avatar
Chris Brown
11/18/2019 - Facebook

Awesome place for novice or experienced. Super friendly staff that actually helps if needed. Awesome concept! Will recommend to everyone and will return again myself!

Kevin B. Crummett Avatar
Kevin B. Crummett
11/16/2019 - Facebook

Excellent shop for anyone willing to get their hands dirty. The bay setup and tools are all you need to get it done and the staff is extremely helpful. They're there to make your project a success, so don't be afraid to do it yourself.

Fred Flessner Avatar
Fred Flessner
11/10/2019 - Facebook

This place is great for the guy or gal that wants to save money and trusts themselves more than a shop! Great staff and great facilities! Will be returning for any and all projects I have!

Chris J. McElfresh Avatar
Chris J. McElfresh
11/09/2019 - Facebook

Very helpful and friendly staff. Facility has all the basic tools you need. Definitely will return next time I need to do maintenance.

Ed Schiller Avatar
Ed Schiller
11/01/2019 - Facebook

Rear brake work (r/r pads & rotors).... how difficult could it be? I planned to do the work in my driveway until I went by & checked out American DIYG. Fantastic facilities & supper staff. Enjoyed the "nickel tour" and was back 3 days later to do the work. Pro quality bay with lift, all necessary tools (plus 1-2 that I wouldn't have had at home) and tech support when needed - all made the job a cinch. Plus I rotated the tires while on the lift. Will definitely be back with my other vehicle to do some routine maintenance. Thanks American DIYG! Will pass the word....

Susan Hein Avatar
Susan Hein
10/26/2019 - Facebook

everyone is so helpful in answering questions you may have and are there to help if you need it .

Christopher M Jackson Avatar
Christopher M Jackson
10/23/2019 - Facebook

went there for the first time a couple weeks ago . people there were a great help and would probably wouldn't have finished my project without them . highly recommend and I'll be back for more

Thomas Mclaughlin Avatar
Thomas Mclaughlin
10/20/2019 - Google

I had to make several repairs to my car and I chose to go to American Do it Yourself Garage. The entire staff is so very welcoming and helpful. I ran into some trouble and everyone took the time out to help me. If I did not have that expert help, I would have been there till 10 at night. They have all the the tools you would ever need. I highly recommend ADIYG to anyone who wants to save money and get their hands dirty, this is the spot for you.

Mustangguy 757 Avatar
Mustangguy 757
10/20/2019 - Google

Poor service, tried to use military discount and wouldn’t let us due to the one paying was not military but the one helping us is Marines Vet. They wanted us to leave by 9 o’clock when they close at 10. Would not recommend going there unless last option. The tools there are very cheap and ratchets barley even ratchets.

Arik Akerberg Avatar
Arik Akerberg
10/20/2019 - Google

Kyber_Crystals Avatar
10/20/2019 - Google

Dwan Bryant Avatar
Dwan Bryant
10/20/2019 - Google

Tyler Lainhart Avatar
Tyler Lainhart
9/29/2019 - Facebook

David's the best he even gave me a $1 for a tea out the vending machine 🥰

great place to take your car lots of lifts , clean place , all tools you need , was in and out

Chloe Latour Avatar
Chloe Latour
9/22/2019 - Facebook

Excellent place to work on your vehicle! People there are very helpful and nice! Thank you once again for your support! We recommend!!!!!

Travis Houser Avatar
Travis Houser
9/20/2019 - Google

Needed to change the Manual Transmission fluid in my '06 Dodge Ram 2500. I call American Do It Yourself Garage and reserved a bay. I showed up a bit early and they got me right in, walked me through the facility, and showed me where all the tools and supplies were. Once I got to work I needed some special tools and they helped me to get them. They also helped me to figure out a tool to get the transmission drain pug out as it it was right over the left bank exhaust crossover tube (Hemi 5.7). I was highly impressed with the friendliness, helpfulness, and ingenuity of the staff. If you don't have a garage of your own, are traveling through and need a place to work on your car, or just want a place to do jobs you don't have tooling for in your own shop, this is an excellent place to go to get the job done! I know I will be returning should I need shop space or need tooling I don't have myself. Thank you to everyone at American Do It Yourself Garage!

Debra Taylor Avatar
Debra Taylor
9/20/2019 - Google

This place is amazing! My hubby and I decided to change out our brakes for the first time ourselves and found this place. They had everything we needed!! Down to the gloves! The customer service was impeccable! We went on a Saturday evening and one of the employees even helped us out and showed us how to do some things and made us more confident in what we were doing. Can’t wait to go back and save money and do things for ourselves!

Travis Houser Avatar
Travis Houser
9/20/2019 - Google

Great place to work on you vehicle. Very clean shop. Lists of tools. And best yet very friendly and knowledgeable staff!

Michael Hill Avatar
Michael Hill
9/20/2019 - Google

Nik Welch Avatar
Nik Welch
9/01/2019 - Facebook

Awesome place great for the Virginia Beach location. I just booked a bay over the phone. When I showed up all the tools that I needed were available the staff was friendly the place was clean. I will be back for further projects on both my vehicles.

Jeremie Halvorson Avatar
Jeremie Halvorson
8/31/2019 - Facebook

I would recommend American Do it yourself garage to anyone who likes working in their own vehicle or even anyone who wants to learn. I went in to get a code read that my amazon unit wouldn’t read. In and out in 15 minutes. Saved me 100 over AAA or any other service center diagnostic code. I didn’t have the time to have one of their preferred vendors bring me a part, but I’ll be back to install the new part when I pick one up. Thanks for the cupcake, too.

Darien Hern Avatar
Darien Hern
8/29/2019 - Facebook

Awesome experience! Great service and saves lots of money! I will definitely be back!

Travis Houser Avatar
Travis Houser
8/25/2019 - Facebook

Needed to change the Manual Transmission fluid in my '06 Dodge Ram 2500. I call American Do It Yourself Garage and reserved a bay. I showed up a bit early and they got me right in, walked me through the facility, and showed me where all the tools and supplies were. Once I got to work I needed some special tools and they helped me to get them. They also helped me to figure out a tool to get the transmission drain pug out as it it was right over the left bank exhaust crossover tube (Hemi 5.7). I was highly impressed with the friendliness, helpfulness, and ingenuity of the staff. If you don't have a garage of your own, are traveling through and need a place to work on your car, or just want a place to do jobs you don't have tooling for in your own shop, this is an excellent place to go to get the job done! I know I will be returning should I need shop space or need tooling I don't have myself. Thank you to everyone at American Do It Yourself Garage!

Jennifer Aubin-janes Avatar
Jennifer Aubin-janes
8/20/2019 - Facebook

Every person that does their own auto repairs should do it here.

Ryszard Marciniak Avatar
Ryszard Marciniak
8/20/2019 - Google

Nothing short of being the best. Professional approach, friendly and very business like place. Was just visiting Virginia Beach and I needed to check my brakes. Instead working on the street in heat and humidity I recommend this place specially if you know what to do. 5 stars nothing short of it.

Patrik Harden Avatar
Patrik Harden
8/20/2019 - Google

These guys were awesome. They helped me get my car set up to do my oil change. Gathered tools they thought i would need. I was in and out in 20 minutes. I will use this garage for all my future DIY work.

Princess Halliday Avatar
Princess Halliday
8/20/2019 - Google

The professional staff and chill clean environment.

Casey Heil Avatar
Casey Heil
8/20/2019 - Google

Great experience all the tools I needed

c carter Avatar
c carter
8/20/2019 - Google

Charles Roberts Avatar
Charles Roberts
8/04/2019 - Facebook

Outstanding place, highly recommended! I went in to change 4 brakes and was blown away by how well maintained the location is. The on site employees were always willing to point out a better way to do the work and lend a hand when I was sruck--- outstanding customer service!!

Bill Braski Avatar
Bill Braski
7/21/2019 - Facebook

This is a great place. The staff if friendly and very helpful. It's a little pricey, but worth it. Having all the tools on hand and a lift made changing my oil pump a lot easier than it would have been in my driveway. I only wish they had package deals to buy hours at a discount. I'll be going back and would recommend.

Ethan Martinez Avatar
Ethan Martinez
7/20/2019 - Facebook

great garage, great atmosphere and help. will be back for all little jobs and big jobs!

Alex D Avatar
Alex D
7/20/2019 - Google

Matt Dee Avatar
Matt Dee
7/13/2019 - Facebook

awesome garage! tools are excellent fixed my Range Rover Supercharged and my girls Jeep Cherokee all in same day. Staff is excellent very knowledgeable and friendly.

Cody Beasley Avatar
Cody Beasley
7/10/2019 - Facebook

Very nice place to work on your car.

Jim Hill Avatar
Jim Hill
7/07/2019 - Facebook

Very convenient, great staff. Had incident while on vacation. Was able to stop in and replace a power steering pump for half the cost of dropping it off at a garage. Definitely would use again if needed.

Glenn Alagaban Avatar
Glenn Alagaban
7/03/2019 - Facebook

It's no wonder American DIYG has high ratings! Awesome place to wrench on your car. Very comfortable and pretty much any tool you can think of is at your disposal.Staff was very friendly and will check up on you throughout your stay. Work smart and comfortably away from the elements with American DIYG. Highly recommend using their services! 5 stars!

Dawn Best Avatar
Dawn Best
6/29/2019 - Facebook

love the owners! love the crew! love the facility! love the rates! clean amazing great DIY garage!!

Jose Arturo Cintron Avatar
Jose Arturo Cintron
6/20/2019 - Facebook

Organized and efficient garage setup!

John Krico the Barbarian Avatar
John Krico the Barbarian
6/20/2019 - Google

Good place! Big bays, clean, lifts if you want. They have most tools, all we needed, air tools, all organized. Helpful w advice, (they're not supposed to do stuff for you.) We asked questions freely, got answers, they looked up stuff. Price seems good to me. People working on their car next to us tossed us good advice - a bunch of gear heads with tools in a shared space. Good experience.

kikit up Avatar
kikit up
6/20/2019 - Google

Fantastic! Very helpful! Great to work inside and save money doing it yourself!

Aaron ~ Avatar
Aaron ~
6/20/2019 - Google

Joseph M Baughman Avatar
Joseph M Baughman
6/15/2019 - Facebook

Friendly, knowledgeable staff in a clean well organized atmosphere. All the tools required for the task was readily available. Extremely well priced and managed.

Aditya Kashyap Avatar
Aditya Kashyap
6/06/2019 - Facebook

I drove 2hrs just to get to this garage and it was worth it. A very clean, well organized place with every tool you'll need!

The staff is very friendly, helpful and most importantly, very non-judgmental. It was my first time working under the car and I was learning as I went and they were always patient whenever I asked them for help.

I also loved the cute little touches here and there. For example, instead of saying "Don't Touch" a sign would instead say "No Touchie". It is just really nicely done and you can tell that the owners really put a lot of thought into the little things!

I do hope that more people get into the habit of working on their cars themselves so that DIYG can open a garage in Richmond as well!

The only minor issue would be that you are not allowed to operate the lift yourself.
Probably because of insurance and liability reasons and I can't blame them but if, like me, you are too shy to ask them to adjust it again and again you end up losing the comfort of the lift.
For example, I had the car raised to a height where it would be comfortable to remove the wheels and after I was done with that, I ended up kneeling to work on the headlights which was quite uncomfortable. It was only after 20 mins or so that I got the courage to ask them to raise the car. Mind you, they have absolutely no problem with being asked to change the height again and again but I still felt uncomfortable asking them. Hopefully, the next time I visit, I'll be less shy! And I'll definitely be going there again!

Maureen Hermance McPhillips Avatar
Maureen Hermance McPhillips
5/28/2019 - Facebook

What a great experience at DIYG. Everyone was very helpful and made it so much easier to get things done on my jeep. Would definitely recoomend this place!

Charlie Raybine Avatar
Charlie Raybine
5/27/2019 - Facebook

Needed to replace upper & lower ball joints, front and rear shocks, and potentially rear drum brakes. Turned out that I had plenty of life left on the brakes and only an adjustment was necessary($ back in returns). I saved hundreds if not thousands tackling the issues with my dodge myself and with the help of a friend. Due to minimal experience and video prep we encountered some major hiccups throughout the process. Couldn’t get the ball joints out manually so opted to replace the control arms altogether, which they ordered for me on the spot and had them delivered within a few hours. If not for the extremely helpful guidance from the employees at American DIYG I would have never been able to put the truck back together. They advised on the necessary steps and equipment, which was all provided, to complete the work.

Even though I spent much more time than I intended the first day I still saved big time and learned a whole lot. All of the employees are responsive, knowledgeable, and willing to lend a hand or tip where necessary. So long as I’m capable to handle the project I won’t go anywhere else to work on my vehicles. You absolutely can’t go wrong choosing them for your next project.

Joey Habit Avatar
Joey Habit
5/27/2019 - Facebook

Brought my Miata in for my first visit and knocked out some lowering springs in a few hours. Staff is very helpful and for only $20 an hour for a flat bay, you can’t beat it.

Joseph O'Drain Avatar
Joseph O'Drain
5/25/2019 - Facebook

Clean, Great atmosphere, Kind and helpful Staff, Every tool you can think of or need without having to go rent it
The staff are knowledgeable, capable and are a great help if you get stuck.

Gone are the days of jacking your car up 1000 different ways in front of your house on the street with your neighbors eyeballing you in judgment.

Kimberly Vaughn Avatar
Kimberly Vaughn
5/20/2019 - Google

American DIYG is outstanding. Not only is the Garage itself impressive, but the staff go above and beyond to make sure your time there is enjoyable and worth your money. Not only do they have the tools, lifts, individual car bays, everything is top notch! They even have a TV lounge (for when you need a brain brake or a snack/drink to step back and get a breather.) I brought by kids along too. Great for them to learn...and did I mention they have killer style. Makes getting back under a car lots of fun.

Ronald Reaves Avatar
Ronald Reaves
5/20/2019 - Google

Outstanding facility with excellent staff support. I will be returning in near future. If you work on your car this place is a must visit The hoist is sure nice vs. the ground and a sheet of cardboard.

Matthew Kulczyski Avatar
Matthew Kulczyski
5/20/2019 - Google

Nice place and people. They had all of the equipment i needed to complete my exhaust work and well worth the price compared to purchasing all the tools i didn’t have... nor did i want to purchase.

Larry Kio Avatar
Larry Kio
5/19/2019 - Facebook

The staff r knowledgeable n eager to offer expert advise. Very friendly atmosphere

Kimberly Linberger Vaughn Avatar
Kimberly Linberger Vaughn
5/19/2019 - Facebook

American DIYG is outstanding. Not only is the Garage itself impressive, but the staff go above and beyond to make sure your time there is enjoyable and worth your money. Not only do they have the tools, lifts, individual car bays, everything is top notch! They even have a TV lounge (for when you need a brain brake or a snack/drink to step back and get a breather.) I brought by kids along too. Great for them to learn...and did I mention they have killer style. Makes getting back under a car lots of fun.

Bill Trembley Avatar
Bill Trembley
5/12/2019 - Facebook

ADIYG is more than just a great place to work on your vehicles. From having the right tools to having a great team of people to help, it is the perfect place for keeping your ride running smooth.

Tracy Dawn Avatar
Tracy Dawn
5/07/2019 - Facebook

Super impressed with American DIY garage. What an awesome spot! This is the cleanest shop I’ve ever seen and they have every tool you could ever need.
Wayne seriously went above and beyond in helping me install a CB radio and new grab handles for my Jeep... or maybe I helped him... either way, I was very grateful for his knowledge and patience!!
I will definitely be back soon and tell everyone how much money they can save by coming to American DIY. Thanks again Wayne!!!

Matt Kulczyski Avatar
Matt Kulczyski
5/05/2019 - Facebook

Very nice place and nice people. Even helped out while taking off my exhaust.

Aj Whitelow Avatar
Aj Whitelow
4/27/2019 - Facebook

it was the first time that I had been to the garage, and even though it was for just an oil change it was great to have someone there to talk to and find out what other issues will come with my truck. will deffiantly be bringing my truck back for any other repairs that need to be done, and recommend you all to anyone that has to do any work on their vehicle

George Nasr Avatar
George Nasr
4/20/2019 - Google

If you ever need a well equipped place to work on your vehicles, this is the place to do it. This place rents out bays by the hour a nd that includes the tools and there are people there to help if you need them and their assistance is included. We replaced the front roters and brakes and the were very helpful to make sure we did it right and they were not shy to jump in and help. Great place, Great people and we will be going there to do more of the routine maintenance on our vehicles. We definitely recommend American DIYG to any one who wants to work on their vehicle without having to buy any tools and work in a real garage. They even put our car on the lift and brought it down. I'm telling you this is really a fantastic place to work in your vehicles, it's clean, organized and they have the equipment and tools. We are very grateful for all of the help we received and will be lifelong customers.

Brad Markin Avatar
Brad Markin
4/20/2019 - Google

American Do It Yourself Garage is my number one choice for doing my own repairs on my vehicles. The shop is spacious and clean. They have a tool crib for custom tools, a tool box and work bench at every bay that contains a full set of common tools, and a friendly and expert crew willing to help when needed. Save big bucks and learn new skills. I would recommend American DIY Garage any day!

Nathan Towe Avatar
Nathan Towe
4/20/2019 - Google

Amazing staff. Every tool that you need they have it here.

Julian Tommaso Avatar
Julian Tommaso
4/20/2019 - Google

Brad Markin Avatar
Brad Markin
4/15/2019 - Facebook

American Do It Yourself Garage has everything you need including expert advice, tools, and space to take care of almost any repair need you may have. Simple disk brake replacement? In and out in about an hour, thanks to their well laid out tool box, tool crib, and lift. Thank you Josh and ADIYG crew! I will be back!


JL Bre Avatar
JL Bre
4/13/2019 - Facebook

Brought my Jeep into one of the bays to do a spark plug tune up. Being a female it can be intimidating but they made me feel comfortable and I had lots of fun and learned a lot from the Jeep expert Wayne. The owners,staff (and dog) were all really nice and made sure I knew where everything was and that I was good to go. Everything is clean and organized. The shop dog Sprinkles made my day she was so sweet. I highly recommend this place to everyone.

David Barlow Jr. Avatar
David Barlow Jr.
4/13/2019 - Facebook

they got me in super last second. bays were clean and organized they had everything I needed. service was great. highly recommend to anyone.

Chris Miller Avatar
Chris Miller
4/13/2019 - Facebook

Great staff. Very knowledgeable. Very clean and great equipment.

Steven Hahn Avatar
Steven Hahn
4/02/2019 - Facebook

Good news! I replaced a wheel hub and bearing assembly on my 2010 Malibu. My car no longer sounds like a helicopter.

Bad news: steering knuckle is extremely corroded needs to be replaced.

Decent news: plenty of salvage parts from accidents, and the knuckles are usually in really good shape only ~$100 at most.

Awesome help was provided by David @ the London Bridge location! Awesome place, awesome business model, great tools, and Amazing assistance by very knowledgeable technicians!

Wayne Cooper Richards Avatar
Wayne Cooper Richards
3/26/2019 - Facebook

just what this area needed

Kristin Lindahl Avatar
Kristin Lindahl
3/25/2019 - Facebook

Super clean facility with everything you need. Staff is friendly and knowledgeable, and Sprinkles is there for calming energy when things just aren't progressing as you hoped! Big thank you to Wayne Tugwell for assisting us in our battle with the transfer case modifications yesterday... we couldn't have done it without you!

Kevin Bryant Avatar
Kevin Bryant
3/23/2019 - Facebook

This is one of the best finds. They have all the tools and knowledgeable people to help. It is all inside out of the weather and have flat bays and lifts. I recommend this place to anyone who likes to work on their car and do it yourself. I wish I would have found this place sooner.

Steve Dreano Avatar
Steve Dreano
3/22/2019 - Facebook

I have a shop and do onsite work but I was asked by a friend to help with her truck after some other idiot messed up the job. Her dad set it up for me to work on her truck here. I have over 35 years experience as a mechanic and I work on everything from Harleys to medium duty diesel trucks. DIY garage is spotless clean! The place is well equipped with tools. The staff are excellent and on point! I was surprised by this place having a motorcycle lift. A guy came in and worked on his bike. For a diy person I highly recommend checking this place out! They supply everything needed from brake clean, PB blaster, parts washers and blue mechanics paper towels! I’ll also add that the automotive decor is great!!!

Wiley Williams Avatar
Wiley Williams
3/20/2019 - Google

Oh man, what can I begin to say about this wonderful place. The Staff is awesome, the facilities are the best, and the tools are really good to work with. The most impressive thing about DIYG are the people. They are very knowledgeable, and they are not afraid to get their hands dirty. I've always had a awesome experience everytime I've been there. They got a life long customer with me.

Antonio Moreno Avatar
Antonio Moreno
3/20/2019 - Google

Awesome staff who are supportive and always willing to lend a hand or share advice. Clean and well stocked tools, in a great clean shop! Been here many times already and will continue to be a customer. Great work guys!

Patrick Elliott Avatar
Patrick Elliott
3/20/2019 - Google

I changed my oil, my break pads and rotors here. Best experience to learn here because the guys made sure I wasn't going to kill myself when I left the shop. I wished this place was in Houston, TX

Mustafa Radi Avatar
Mustafa Radi
3/20/2019 - Google

Friendly and awesome people. They would even help/guide how to work on your car if you need help!

Breanna Brockett Avatar
Breanna Brockett
3/20/2019 - Google

The best place to go!the staff is friendly and knowledgeable.wouldnt go to any other place

Eric Williams Avatar
Eric Williams
3/20/2019 - Google

Great place, great people, and not bad prices for what you get.

Hannah Bishop Avatar
Hannah Bishop
3/10/2019 - Facebook

Booked online to reserve a lift online for the next morning & not even 10mins later I got a confirmation response. When we got there we were shown around & met some of the staff - very friendly & down to help. Everything went so smooth. We will definitely be coming back!

Cameron Wagner Avatar
Cameron Wagner
3/04/2019 - Facebook

Awesome experience here changing my brakes, oil, and broken taillight. I was able to do it all very quickly and saved hundreds by not taking it to a repair shop instead. very helpful staff who did not belittle me for being an amateur and helped me the whole way and I learned alot. I will definitely be back to do shocks and springs next. highly recommended.

Rich Adolph Avatar
Rich Adolph
3/02/2019 - Facebook

Great people running DIY! Clean shop and have probably all the tools you would need. They also have a knowledgeable staff if you need any help. Money well spent, buy using the shop I saved all the labor and parts markup. The mechanic shop wanted to charge 1260.00 to replace the front struts, and rear shocks. I purchased everything from rock auto for 250.00 and it only took 1.5 hours to replace everything. So with the availability of DIY and tools, I only spent 285.00, that is a large savings. I will use this DIY Garage again.
DIY Garage, thank you

Darren Barton Avatar
Darren Barton
3/01/2019 - Facebook

Great staff, very knowledgeable , super clean place and should have just about any tool you need to get the job done … thanks again

Heather Brown Avatar
Heather Brown
2/25/2019 - Facebook

Staff is super friendly and a great place to fix a vehicle inside with all the tools and help you can get.

Lewis Winston Avatar
Lewis Winston
2/20/2019 - Google

Regrettably I didn't take pictures during my visit but the photos on maps are spot on. This place is fantastic do do work on your vehicle. They had all the tools I needed to get in and out. The place is also clean and comfortable to work in. Beats working in the driveway any day. They had gloves, lubricants, towels and hand cleaner. Having a lift is nice if you know you'll need it. I needed a big torque wrench to do the work I was doing. The cost of that or to rent made the visit worthwhile. If you want to be successful in a visit you should plan ahead. I feel like they can help you do that too as they have pro access to parts through local parts stores. Staff was incredibly helpful and attendant to all my needs. Especially using their tools which were organized, unlike mine that are illogically arranged for my own frustration. Looking forward to my next DIY visit.

2/20/2019 - Google

I just came here tonight which is Thursday, February 14, 2019 outside talking on the phone accidentally put my elbow or an old Jeep Cherokee which had a sign on the side of the vehicle say DIY garage dude came out was really rude told me to get my elbow off his car which I understand it’s not my car and I should’ve not done it but it could’ve been a little bit nicer, and then when I was done with my phone conversation I walked in the office nobody was there I stood there for a good five so minutes still nobody came so I left I’m not impressed first impression is gone with me I came there just to do an all change and was not impressed, place looks cool though

John Willis Avatar
John Willis
2/20/2019 - Google

One of the most pleasant and productive experiences I've ever had working on my car. These guys are great. If you do ANY work on your car, you'd be a fool not to go here. An absolute deal. Like working on your car with a friend!! I cannot recommend this place enough!!Went back again to DIY to work on my fluids. And I had bought the wrong oil. Guess what? They're even better than I thought. The Garage contacted a local auto parts store and had the oil delivered while I did something else on the car. The DIY garage bailed me out ! I cannot stress how great this place is.American DIY Garage makes working on your car fun again!!!

Quentin Headen Avatar
Quentin Headen
2/20/2019 - Google

This is such an awesome place to come work on your car. I came here to install a new exhaust downpipe on my Subaru WRX. The place was very clean, very organized, and there was no smoking by the staff in the garage as I have encountered at a competitor.One of the staff members, without being obligated, helped me quite a bit on the install and shared his passion for cars and automotive work. The staff makes you feel comfortable and doesn't make you feel bad to ask a "dumb question". I learned a whole lot by coming here.I would recommend this shop to anyone who wants to work on their car to simply fix an issue or as a hobby.

Stephen Clark Avatar
Stephen Clark
2/20/2019 - Google

This is a great up-and-coming business model that will change the way that people think about caring for their cars. The greatest thing about this business is truly the people who work there and the customer base that you come in contact with spending time in the shop. I would highly recommend coming here when ever your car needs some work as it is a much more economical alternative to taking your car to a dealership and also more economical than spending your money purchasing your own set of tools.

Marty O'Rourke Avatar
Marty O'Rourke
2/20/2019 - Google

The staff are awesome, they have every tool I have been able to think of, and they keep the place really clean. I can't say enough good things about how helpful the staff are. If you have a question they are very helpful. They also drove my car out of the garage, noticed an issue, and so they drove it back in and helped me figure out what the issue was so that I could drive home safely. I have saved thousands of dollars by going here instead of a mechanic.

Scott Morehead Avatar
Scott Morehead
2/20/2019 - Google

LOVE working on my car and saving hundreds of $$$$$The staff helps if you get in unfamiliar territory. Saw my first lady working on her car.AAA wanted $800 to replace my alternator on a focus .Said it was a hard to get part so it was 350 and it was hard to get to so anothet 375 plus tax. I went to an auto parts store and got it for $99ِ and it took me 30 minutes to swap it. So you cant trust AAA by Janaf .Come give it a try .

Joshua Bailey Avatar
Joshua Bailey
2/20/2019 - Google

Went here to replace a part in my suspension. The staff were knowledgeable and helped out with all of my many questions, assisted when some bolts wouldn't budge, and even helped order a part that I ended up needing and it got there within 30 minutes. The shop is clean and has all the tools you could need to do any car repair job. Highly recommend!

Gregory Karpicky Avatar
Gregory Karpicky
2/20/2019 - Google

Very well equipped, extremely clean, and the staff at ADIYG are excellent! I recently rented a lift bay, (they supply just about any tool you can think of too), and replaced my car's radiator fan for a little over half what the dealer wanted. Absolutely great for those who can do some repairs & maintenance and want to save money.

Billy DeMark Avatar
Billy DeMark
2/20/2019 - Google

Great shop, great tools, great staff who lend a hand and give some great advice. Access to any tool you could ever need! (no need to improvize a screw driver as a pickle fork). Not many places you can go and use a lift, but they have four of them here! Do yourself a favor and stop by and see for yourself!

Ashley Ann Avatar
Ashley Ann
2/20/2019 - Google

What a place! Very informative and super helpful staff. Those guys know everything. They have every tool you could try to think of and they partner with parts stores so if you get into a project and need a part they can have it delievered. The very best part is the shop dog Sprinkles. She’s so sweet!

David Rogers Avatar
David Rogers
2/20/2019 - Google

Great place to do work. Staff is super helpful & friendly, it's really fun to work on my car here, and they have all the tools I'd ever need. You can save a lot of money and have a good time here. Only downside is it's a little difficult to get to unless you're in central/south VB.

S. Bonanno Avatar
S. Bonanno
2/20/2019 - Google

Went there to replace the clutch and flywheel in my 2003 Infiniti G35. Got a bay right away and they had all the tools necessary to make the job go smooth. Staff was pleasant to deal with and very knowledgeable. Will definitely return when future maintenance is necessary.

Misty Rose Avatar
Misty Rose
2/20/2019 - Google

Very friendly and helpful staff. I’ve come here a few times and the staff has always been very knowledgeable and willing to help. Great place! Would highly recommend to anyone who needs a place to work on their vehicle with more tools than you could imagine.

Robert Bohon Avatar
Robert Bohon
2/20/2019 - Google

Great facility and awesome staff. I didn't have the specialty tools needed to finish a wheel bearing replacement and they had everything I needed. Great prices too. I will definitely come back the next time I need to work on any of my cars.

Brittany McCaskill Avatar
Brittany McCaskill
2/20/2019 - Google

Happy to review! We don't live in the Virginia Beach area anymore, but this was one place we'll actually miss! Great staff, help when you need it, all the tools you could need, and super clean. Great idea for a much needed service option!

Rob Avatar
2/20/2019 - Google

Fantastic facility with a knowledgeable, friendly and helpful staff. When I want to work on my truck Dottie but need a lift or some air tools, this is the only place I go. (Special shout out to Wayne for being so patient with me!).

Kitty Pierfelice Avatar
Kitty Pierfelice
2/20/2019 - Google

Everyone here is happy, friendly and extremely helpful. It’s incredibly clean, organized, and stocked with every tool you could possibly need. I will definitely be going back whenever I need work done on any of my cars. Great job!

William Bates Avatar
William Bates
2/20/2019 - Google

Being a Manufacturing Engineer, I tend to be critical about lean principles. I'm please to say, this garage is very nice and organized. I plan to utilize their facilities in the future.

Steve W Avatar
Steve W
2/20/2019 - Google

I needed to just use the spring compressor to swap out some shocks and they were VERY helpful in my goal. They even actually helped me when I got stumped on a hard spot. Top notch guys.

Wiley Williams Avatar
Wiley Williams
2/20/2019 - Google

It's a great place to work on your vehicle and the staff is extremely friendly and knowledgeable. Great experience and I would highly recommend this place

Dalton Cason Avatar
Dalton Cason
2/20/2019 - Google

The people there are nice and helped me when I needed help. All the tools I needed to get the job done. The car lifts made my work so much easier.

Autumn Ramsey Avatar
Autumn Ramsey
2/20/2019 - Google

This place has every tool you could need to get your car fixed. The staff is kind, helpful, and very knowledgeable. Absolutely would recommend.

B W Avatar
2/20/2019 - Google

This place had all the tools i needed to do the job, with a friendly and helpful staff. The facility is immaculate and well appointed.

Tom Cornelissen Avatar
Tom Cornelissen
2/20/2019 - Google

What a great place to work on your car. They have the tools, the knowhow, and can get the parts if you run into an unexpected problem.

Larry Pfohl Avatar
Larry Pfohl
2/20/2019 - Google

The staff were super nice, attentive and helpful. I would recommend this place to any and all of my friends. Great atmosphere!

Brandon Pear Avatar
Brandon Pear
2/20/2019 - Google

Great facility with more than enough tools for the job. A very friendly and helpful stuff that can assist to get the job done.

michael cordova Avatar
michael cordova
2/20/2019 - Google

Pricey but in a pinch......its the only go to DIY garage. Unless you have base access.....The team there is Good to Go

Roberto Febus Avatar
Roberto Febus
2/20/2019 - Google

The place to be, great hours and support. Even if you have a garage, this place will support all your mechanic needs.

dnshift1 Avatar
2/20/2019 - Google

This place is truly an American garage! Everything I need is here. It makes any project easy to finish. Great place!

ricardo feliciano Avatar
ricardo feliciano
2/20/2019 - Google

Nice and clean garage. Expensive and you get charged the moment you check in, not when your vehicle goes up in lift

Katie G Avatar
Katie G
2/20/2019 - Google

The fact that they have a lift, air tools, and extremely organized stations made this place amazing.

flatlander757 Avatar
2/20/2019 - Google

Great group of people, fair prices, and basically all you need to DIY whatever you want.

j teague Avatar
j teague
2/20/2019 - Google

The greatest places to do work on your own car if your into too it

Njoynlif2day Njoynlif2day Avatar
Njoynlif2day Njoynlif2day
2/20/2019 - Google

Incredible place with wonderful people operating it.

Catherine Moncrief Avatar
Catherine Moncrief
2/20/2019 - Google

A great place to fix or work on your car!!!!!

Cathy Moncrief Avatar
Cathy Moncrief
2/20/2019 - Google

Wonderful place to work on your car!!!!!!

Dan K Avatar
Dan K
2/20/2019 - Google

These guys make you feel right at home.

Rdx Turbo Avatar
Rdx Turbo
2/20/2019 - Google

Kathie Crum-Updegraff Avatar
Kathie Crum-Updegraff
2/20/2019 - Google

Robin Pullen Avatar
Robin Pullen
2/20/2019 - Google

Demetri Dartis Avatar
Demetri Dartis
2/20/2019 - Google

Emilie Avatar
2/20/2019 - Google

Timothy Cheary Avatar
Timothy Cheary
2/20/2019 - Google

Tom Mirsky Jr. Avatar
Tom Mirsky Jr.
2/09/2019 - Facebook

Great shop, great price, and friendly staff. It's superior to Oceana Hobby Shop

Leif Carson Avatar
Leif Carson
2/05/2019 - Facebook

Worked on my truck tonight. Dave and Doug were very helpful proving guidance and advise. Happy to have my vehicle riding well. Good experience.

Robert Montie Jr Avatar
Robert Montie Jr
1/27/2019 - Facebook

Everyone is very friendly and helpful got an issue ask for help they deffinatly point you in the right direction. Need something that's not in a tool box like a bigger hammer just ask. I brought my dog she relaxed in my car and liked that employee's and others at the garage gave her attention when she sticks her head out the window to see what's going on. I have been a total of 3 times and am from out of state would definitely recommend stopping in if you need somewhere to work on your own car and are in the area. Thank you again employee's

Donald Stephen Hale Avatar
Donald Stephen Hale
1/26/2019 - Facebook

Great Veteran run business, always there to assist with work.

Jason Rodriguez Avatar
Jason Rodriguez
1/25/2019 - Facebook

Took my Jeep in for a 2” lift... the staff there was friendly, knowledgeable, experienced, and helped make a job that would have been very difficult to complete on my own into a real possibility. When I got stuck trying to remove my rusted factory front shocks, they knew exactly how to tackle the job with a mini sawzall and save the day! The shop itself is super clean, heated, and has all the tools you could ever want conveniently at your disposal. Plus they have BobFM playing on the radio, how can you beat that! I can’t say enough good things about this place and the staff!

Courtney Parker Avatar
Courtney Parker
1/02/2019 - Facebook

This place is absolutely amazing. I’m not very car savvy but I wasn’t trying to pay dealership prices for a strut replacement so I figured I’d do it myself. I stumbled upon this place and I’m so thankful I did. Wayne and Dave(?) were super helpful, answered all of the many, many questions I had and was really patient, which for someone who had no idea what they were doing, im thankful for. Wayne even helped me on some parts of the strut replacement I wasn’t to sure about or had a hard time figuring out which I thought was awesome. They have basically any tool you would need and plenty of space to do any job you need done, and the shop itself is extremely clean. I would definitely recommend this place, and will for sure be coming back for all future DIY repairs. This place truly was a big save. 🙏🏻

Lonnie Green Avatar
Lonnie Green
12/29/2018 - Facebook

This place is great! Super clean and cozy! Pretty quiet also for a garage. The guys were really great at answering questions and assisting when asked. Especially Steve who went out of his way to keep me going! No need to buy tools or clog up your wife's garage with car stuff! Lol. These guys have everything you need! I will be visiting them again! Highly recommend!

Paul Thomas Avatar
Paul Thomas
12/22/2018 - Facebook

Came here for the first time with my son yesterday. Shop was clean and well organized. Jarod was great. He provided advice and a helping hand when we needed it. Looking forward to coming back.

Makesha Sink Avatar
Makesha Sink
12/10/2018 - Facebook

American Do It Yourself Garage is a great business where you can fix your own vehicle with the help of skilled, knowledgeable staff and all the tools you need. Wayne Tugwell is the best!

Devon Frye Avatar
Devon Frye
12/09/2018 - Facebook

Cool place to work on car great layout and decor, awesome employees and great price also very cool to have a lot of tools you may not 10/10 recommend

Brad Massa Avatar
Brad Massa
12/02/2018 - Facebook

First time using American Do it Yourself Garage! Staff and owners super helpful. Took Aidan to make it a father and son experience! Momma needed new struts and shocks on Nissan Sentra. Thanks Steve Linda Sean (hope I spelled your name right Sean! ) and Doug for a great experience!!! Will certainly be back!

Jay Swol Avatar
Jay Swol
12/02/2018 - Facebook

changed my 02 sensor at the diy garage helpful people will come back soon.

Audra Klein Criscuolo Avatar
Audra Klein Criscuolo
12/01/2018 - Facebook

5 stars
Excellant experience & fantastic staff. owner is very personable, the shop is brand new and clean. i was very impressed with the layout & all the amenities. the owner & staff went above and beyond. highly recommend. great price for what is offered & available to use.

Lawrence Richway Avatar
Lawrence Richway
11/30/2018 - Facebook

Love this place thank you for all you do

Larissa Elizabeth Ringel Avatar
Larissa Elizabeth Ringel
11/25/2018 - Facebook

went yesterday placed two CV half shafts customer service was great I needed a little bit of assistance on some things they were there to help me fully stocked on tools each Bay has its own tool box any special tool that you need they have definitely the place to go if you don't have access to equipment or you just don't feel like doing the repairs in your driveway.

Joseph Vaughn Avatar
Joseph Vaughn
11/25/2018 - Facebook

The staff is incredibly helpful, and is always willing to lend a hand with anything you’re working on. Had a great experience working on my car for the first time here.

Sandra Uribe Avatar
Sandra Uribe
11/25/2018 - Facebook

I've come here twice now. The staff is friendly and helpful, and answer all questions I have. when I didn't know how to do something, someone stood by and explained what tools I'd need and would help take something apart and put it back together. They have every tool you could possibly need, too! there are several lifts available and flat bays. If you need a part they'll order it.

bonus - occasionally there is a lovely sweet shop dog.

10/10 will come again!

Ray Jackson Avatar
Ray Jackson
11/25/2018 - Facebook

I used once to put K&N kit on my car great place to work all the tools you need very courteous and knowledge staff Reasonable price will used more in the future And great guard dog

Ronald Crumpler Avatar
Ronald Crumpler
11/24/2018 - Facebook

Great spot. $upport locals when u can

Barry Kirschner Avatar
Barry Kirschner
11/15/2018 - Facebook

Awesome experience. Those guys rock it in VB

Michael Anglin Avatar
Michael Anglin
11/12/2018 - Facebook

This is an excellent place to work on your vehicle. Dry and warm, with lifts and well organized tools. The folks working there are always friendly and helpful and full of good advice. Prices are very reasonable for all the benefits you get.

Kevin Covucci Avatar
Kevin Covucci
11/12/2018 - Facebook

What a great experience! Thank you to the whole team at ADIYG!!! We will return!

Josh Kaczor Avatar
Josh Kaczor
11/10/2018 - Facebook

Awesome shop with everything you need. Very clean and very professional. Best place for all you do it yourself types.

Daryl A Rabara-brokate Avatar
Daryl A Rabara-brokate
10/21/2018 - Facebook

I have been trying to figure out what went awry with my new turbo set up. The staff has been more than helpful AND.... they have every tool I’ve needed!

Robin Pullen Avatar
Robin Pullen
10/10/2018 - Facebook

Excellent staff and services! Finally got the definitive answer on what's wrong with my Silverado. Thanks guys sooooo much!!!

Corey Teague Avatar
Corey Teague
9/28/2018 - Facebook

Never seen any diy garage other than the ones one base but I have to say that this one is the best in terms of quality . it's very well kept and they have everything tool that you could possibly need been here twice and both times have been unforgettable amazing I recommend adiy garage to all of my friends .

Lorie Stedt Avatar
Lorie Stedt
9/27/2018 - Facebook

Super cool DIY shop! Everything you need is at your disposal. Brought my Jeep in to tinker with the front suspension. The staff was awesome and ready to help with questions. Discovered the tie rods need to be replaced while it was on the lift so we will definitely be coming back. My only suggestion is that before the guys bring the vehicles into/out of the shop that they (or I) throw something over the front seat. I have a pretty good sized shop grease smudge on the drivers seat where someone slid in or out of my Jeep with a grimy butt. Overall though a great experience and I will definitely be back!

Teryn Wernick Avatar
Teryn Wernick
9/26/2018 - Facebook

I love this place and everyone is so helpful. I want to learn how to maintenance my own vehicle and everything was ready for me to start. From tools to videos - they have it all.

MeChelle Tsakpinis Avatar
MeChelle Tsakpinis
9/17/2018 - Facebook

Went for the first time on 09/14/18 to replace all four struts on my 2018 Toyota Camry. Not having any knowledge of what I was doing and only review YouTube videos. The staff walked me thru every step and assisted when I was having issues. They made sure I had everything I need to finish the installs. I will be returning to work on my car again and have have recommended it to all my girlfriends who are interested in doing there own car repairs.

Tony Rumple Avatar
Tony Rumple
9/15/2018 - Facebook

Very clean shop. Great atmosphere and extremely helpful staff. Did a little suspension work today. They had the tools I needed and stopped by the bay regularly to check on progress and offer any assistance. Definitely recommend if you need a place to do some maintenance or repairs.

Daniel Betancourt Avatar
Daniel Betancourt
9/08/2018 - Facebook

Everyone was awesome here, I came to swap an exhaust on my S2000, and replace rim, control arms, and toe link on my FD RX7. I’m not an expert by any means and they were super helpful with suggestions, guidance, and help. They have pretty much every tool you need and made my visit awesome. Will definitely be back! Tomorrow! Lol

Matt Murdock Avatar
Matt Murdock
9/01/2018 - Facebook

Doing a head gasket on my 05 Cummins and they have all the tools needed. Clean shop and super helpful staff. Pricing is great as well.

Gregory Boniface Avatar
Gregory Boniface
8/31/2018 - Facebook

Excellent tools and equipment. Clean and safe working environment. Friendly and helpful staff. Had everything I needed to replace the shocks and springs on the rear of my mini-van. My 20yr old daughter got to help out and learn more about vehicles. We will be returning in the next couple of weeks to replace CV axles and the front strut assemblies. Recommending this shop to all my co-workers.

Delta W Gill Avatar
Delta W Gill
8/29/2018 - Facebook

These guys are great! I do all my work here from pulling the motor on my project to routine maintenance on my daily. They are always friendly, knowledgeable, and eager to help if I need it. 10/10 reccomend to everyone!

Daniel Diefenbach Avatar
Daniel Diefenbach
8/25/2018 - Facebook

This place is awesome! I needed new brake pads and rotors, but really couldn't afford what any mechanic was charging. I was nervous about doing it myself, but when I got to American DIY one Sunday afternoon everyone was very helpful. They gave me tips on the best way to get the job done and they have any tool you may need and more! I will certainly be back. Thanks again!!

David Anthony Perales Avatar
David Anthony Perales
8/15/2018 - Facebook

Went in to do some exhaust work and will definitely be going anytime I have a bigger job. Every tool I needed was there. The staff is awesome and extremely helpful. It's a great shop environment and it makes jobs so much easier knowing you have the right tools and knowledgeable staff that can help you get your job done.

Joshua A Bailey Avatar
Joshua A Bailey
8/14/2018 - Facebook

Went here to replace a part in my suspension. The staff were knowledgeable and helped out with all of my many questions, assisted when some bolts wouldn't budge, and even helped order a part that I ended up needing and it got there within 30 minutes. The shop is clean and has all the tools you could need to do any car repair job. Highly recommend!

Skylar McKee Avatar
Skylar McKee
8/13/2018 - Facebook

These people are so amazing! They are very nice and extremely knowledgeable. I had to change the break pads, rotors, and calipers on all four wheels of my Nissan Altima and they helped me with all of it. Any questions they answered very well and made sure I knew exactly what I was doing. They showed me step by step how to do it. I could not have done it without them. Very clean and organized workstations and the lift bays made everything extremely easy. I also had a messed up tire stud that was messed up while getting new tires and rims. I had an appointment to get it fixed by the people that accidentally broke it. They saw this and helped me fix it up so that I was driving safer until my appointment. They are amazing people and I will definitely be coming back to do any work I need to do. Thank you guys so much!!!

Najib Khan Avatar
Najib Khan
8/03/2018 - Facebook

First time visiting and it was a great experience. Clean shop, and plenty of space to work in. I used a flat bay, which had a tool box with an organized and well labeled tool box. Highly recommend them!

Tommy Nikitiuk Avatar
Tommy Nikitiuk
7/29/2018 - Facebook

Truly recommended. They have the tools. Staff is incredibly helpful. There's a soda machine. If you're looking to save money to bypass your dealership and learn, this place is righteous.

Greg Grifana Avatar
Greg Grifana
7/28/2018 - Facebook

Awesome experience! Great place to service & work on your personal vehicles. Very clean, & organized. Wonderful & helpful staff. "Sprinkles" the shop dog is a great door greeter at the garage. Thank you DIY Garage! Will definitely be a return customer!!!

Rod Hawk Avatar
Rod Hawk
7/24/2018 - Facebook

Absolutely a great experience! Everyone was super nice and helpful! Having everything needed readily available makes the job soooooo much easier. I wouldn’t hesitate to go back. The facility is outstanding. It was clean and everything was in its place. This is a top notch operation and I would recommend it to anyone.

Dave Rogers Avatar
Dave Rogers
7/21/2018 - Facebook

Great place to work on your car, they got all the tools you'd ever need and the staff is super helpful & friendly.

Larry Pfohl Avatar
Larry Pfohl
7/19/2018 - Facebook

Very friendly and attentive staff. Super cool, laid back atmosphere. Great overall experience. �

Dianna Wetzel Avatar
Dianna Wetzel
7/09/2018 - Facebook

This garage is absolutely awesome! The staff is very friendly and helpful! I definitely will be back! Highly recommend!

Tyler Whitfield Avatar
Tyler Whitfield
7/08/2018 - Facebook

Awesome service. Didn’t do any work my self, but Wayne helped me plug a tire. Also explained how the shop works and if I ever need anything I’m always welcome back. Bays and entire shop look beautiful. Highly recommend.

Tyler Phillips Avatar
Tyler Phillips
7/04/2018 - Facebook

Great place to do work on your car. The workers there show interest in what you are doing and are more than willing to help you with any questions you may have. Will definitely be returning for any future work that needs done to my car.

Michael Sandelier Avatar
Michael Sandelier
6/30/2018 - Facebook

Great place to be able to work on your car on a lift. I had the wrong oil filter and they were able to get a supplier to bring me the correct one in a short amount of time. All the guys were a great help to me.

John Yandle Avatar
John Yandle
6/30/2018 - Facebook

This shop is amazing! A great group of guys there and they are super helpful. The shop has everything you need to do just about anything. I’ll never do larger projects to my vehicle in my driveway again. DIY saved me so much time, money (including my swear jar) and effort.

Shea Bonanno Avatar
Shea Bonanno
6/10/2018 - Facebook

Came here to replace the clutch and flywheel in my Infiniti G35 and got a bay right away. They had all the necessary tools to make the job go smooth and the staff was pleasant to deal with and very knowledgeable. Will definitely come back to take care of future maintenance work.

Donald Schnare Avatar
Donald Schnare
5/27/2018 - Facebook

Was going to install my Borla X-Pipe on my Vette in my garage, using a floor jack and jack stands. Wasn't really looking forward to that. So a friend of mine says hey dummy, take it to American DIY Garage and have them put it on a lift. So I did. Wow, what a facility. Can't say enough about the place and the staff. Really! Great tools, place is very neat and tidy. I'll be back. Go Navy!!

Kenneth F. Evans Avatar
Kenneth F. Evans
5/26/2018 - Facebook

I had a ruptured,poorly previously repaired fuel line on my 68 Dart that was leaking fuel on my exhaust. I trailered it to American Do It Yourself Garage this morning. The friendly folks got me set up in a lift stall and provided some muscle and humor when needed. Very knowledgeable and provided great guidance on my complete fuel line replacement. It took me 5 hours, it would not have taken less time on my back. LOL The stalls (Bays) are clean and spacious. Tools are provided. Very organized shop. Thanks to everyone who helped and showed genuine concern for my project. The atmosphere is very friendly and welcoming. I will be back.

Kenneth F. Evans Avatar
Kenneth F. Evans
5/26/2018 - Facebook

I had a ruptured,poorly previously repaired fuel line on my 68 Dart that was leaking fuel on my exhaust. I trailered it to American Do It Yourself Garage this morning. The friendly folks got me set up in a lift stall and provided some muscle and humor when needed. Very knowledgeable and provided great guidance on my complete fuel line replacement. It took me 5 hours, it would not have taken less time on my back. LOL The stalls (Bays) are clean and spacious. Tools are provided. Very organized shop. Thanks to everyone who helped and showed genuine concern for my project. The atmosphere is very friendly and welcoming. I will be back.

Rob Rabuse Avatar
Rob Rabuse
5/22/2018 - Facebook

Great shop area to get your work done. All the tools and supplies you need, and a little help if required!

Travis Beach Avatar
Travis Beach
5/13/2018 - Facebook

DIY GARAGE ROCKS...PERIOD. Awesome facilty, awesome staff. Dont struggle in your driveways...get over to DIY and do it like the pros. Oil and filter change, tires rotated in less than an hour. Yup DIY ROCKS.


Ron Brooks Avatar
Ron Brooks
5/11/2018 - Facebook

Fantastic experience at the DIY Garage. Put an alternator in a Lincoln that was mounted underneath. Looking at YouTube, I think it would have taken me 4 hours getting under the car and back out to get the dozen different tools I needed. I was done in 2 hours at the DIY garage and not sure I could have actual gotten this done at home. I had to move the sway bar to get the bolt out far enough to remove the alternator as well as move a transmission line. Bring on a lift made it easy and tools right there made it fast. I asked what I was getting into by disconnecting the bar and they assured me it was no problem and helped me thru it. I'll definitely come back.

April Lynn Avatar
April Lynn
5/07/2018 - Facebook

Rob Neel Avatar
Rob Neel
5/06/2018 - Facebook

Very good experience. Quality tools, friendly people and a really nice facility. The only down side is I doubt I will ever work on anything in my driveway again. I will be back.

Chris Abbott Garrity Avatar
Chris Abbott Garrity
5/06/2018 - Facebook

Excellent service and knowledgeable staff! They helped out a ton and the tools were fantastic! Can't wait for more projects there!

Paul Boyles Avatar
Paul Boyles
5/02/2018 - Facebook

Fantastic experience! The shop had everything we needed to put a lift on my Grand Cherokee. The staff was incredibly helpful. We had such a great experience we booked time for tomorrow to install a stereo system and headliner in the nice cool shop instead of out in the hot apartment parking lot. There are just not enough words to say what a great experience it was today. The guys knew there stuff and pointed us in the right direction when we had issues with the install. If you live somewhere that prohibits you from working on your car go here, if you hate paying someone else to work on your car go here, if the weather is bad and you a great place to work on your car go here. Or if you just wanna have someone to hang out with while your doing your thing go here!

Mike Inman Avatar
Mike Inman
4/29/2018 - Facebook

This place is a gem for anyone who likes to work on their own car. I live in an apartment which makes it difficult to do my own work. The place is always clean and neat, the staff is super friendly and alway willing to point you in the correct direction, and they have every tool you need to do your project right. Oh and of course who can forget those beautiful shop puppies. I would recommend this place to anyone (at any skill level) who wants to do their own work on their ride.

Zack DeSimas Avatar
Zack DeSimas
4/20/2018 - Facebook

I went there will my buddy and we had no clue what we were doing. Thankfully the staff there was very helpful and they were not super busy so they stayed around with us and showed us what all we had to do and how to do it. It is the best place for a novice car worker to get and have anything they could ever need. We had to drop the transmission and they were right there with the transmission jack ready and they provided us all the support we could need. Highly recommend them.

Kitty Pierfelice Avatar
Kitty Pierfelice
4/08/2018 - Facebook

Had the absolute best experience here today, and know I will return for all my car work here again. Everyone is helpful and friendly, the place is spotless, they have air compressors at each of the bays, along with every tool you can think of (for me it was an 02 sensor socket and oil filter removal tool). I am far from a mechanic, but I enjoy doing my own work if it’s possible. And as a 59 year old woman, not one person commented about my age or gender. Truly refreshing to feel so welcome at a local business. Thank you all for a great experience.

Stephen Wright Avatar
Stephen Wright
4/05/2018 - Facebook

Love this place. I heard about this company at the local Night Moves Car Show a while ago and never had the chance to come check it out until I had to do an oil change on a car. For a college student who does not have all of the tools necessary here on campus, its absolutely phenomenal to do simple to complicated jobs. From the tool quality to the character quality of the employees, I 100% recommend this business.

Austin Knott Avatar
Austin Knott
3/26/2018 - Facebook

Just went in for a simple inspection of a new used car and it was a great environment great tools had no issues with anything there. They take their time to show you where everything is and are readily available if you ask for anything. Great experience and will be recommending to many people

John Kowalski Avatar
John Kowalski
3/20/2018 - Facebook

Went there yesterday to change the oil in my truck and to tighten up the exhaust. Excellent experience. The staff was friendly, professional and knowledgable. The shop itself has everything you could possibly need to do minor or major repairs to your ride, not to mention its like a 9 bay man cave. Next time you do repairs to your ride work smarter not harder, get off your back and out of the elements and put the car/truck on a lift and make life easier. Gotta try it for yourself.

Eric Lee Avatar
Eric Lee
3/15/2018 - Facebook

Very helpful and caring! I was there to replace endlinks on the rear of my S60 R. The staff was excellent and checked in periodically to see how I was doing and if I needed anything. They really want you to succeed in whatever you want to do to your car. All the tools I needed were all there and organized neatly. However, the ratchet I used there was kind of flimsy because of how difficult it was to tighten or loosen. They also had Loctite Threadlocker Blue for me to use! The lift bay really makes life easier and was priced at a reasonable rate ($30/hr.)!

Dan Kallman Avatar
Dan Kallman
3/13/2018 - Facebook

Thanks to all at American DIYG. Always clean, organized, great service and everyone is friendly and helpful if an extra set of hands are needed.

Brent Lawson Avatar
Brent Lawson
3/11/2018 - Facebook

Perfect environment to work for the DIYer. Clean, organized and accessible, it hits all the points of a great garage.

Will Williams Avatar
Will Williams
3/11/2018 - Facebook

They were absolutely amazing and extremely helpful! I would highly recommend this place for anyone who wants to work on there own car and save thousands of dollars by doing the work on your own car.

Mark Williams Avatar
Mark Williams
3/11/2018 - Facebook

The garage was set up perfect. They had all the tools I needed to perform my work. The guys that work there were very friendly and knowledgeable. I will be recommending this place to all my gear head friends!

Trey Holloway Avatar
Trey Holloway
3/09/2018 - Facebook

Most convenient place to do it yourself! I had a wonderful first experience. And i will be coming back!!

Steve Huey Avatar
Steve Huey
2/20/2018 - Google

I just did a brake job on my Ford F-150 at American DIY Garage. Their staff could not have been nicer. I am an unbelievably picky dude, but the place was absolutely spotless.The tools were clean and perfectly organized. Help by the killer staff was readily available, in fact they came out a few times just to B.S. Not to mention the two of the nicest "junkyard dogs" I have ever seen. I would feel relatively comfortable tackling a bigger job, just for the hell of it. They turned a pain in the neck expensive brake job into an inexpensive, fun way to kill the morning. I may right another review to give them five more stars, to give them the ten they earned. Keep up the great work. See you soon.

Just Joe Avatar
Just Joe
2/20/2018 - Google

By far the one of the best experiences working on a car besides working with my father in law up in Michigan. So convenient I didn't even need to bring my tools they had EVERYTHING!!! The people were amazingly nice and helpful, they were knowledgeable and helped me diagnose future issues that I will definitely returning to do. I recommend this place to anybody especially during the winter a nice comfortable place to fix your car.

Alexander G Avatar
Alexander G
2/20/2018 - Google

My wife and I saved close to $700 with a bit of effort and some good help from the staff. Everyone was incredibly helpful, knowledgeable, and friendly. I can't believe I didn't find this place before. The garage is very clean and very well stocked with every tool you don't have but need. With the tips and guidance I received I feel confident that with some help and research almost any typical repair is now DIY.

Prospect Pat Avatar
Prospect Pat
2/20/2018 - Google

This shop has a great atmosphere and staff. Ive never had to leave to get a tool, they have had everything, every time. The rate is not bad at all either. I've been reluctant to work on my car and learn a lot in the process.. and this has been a the perfect place to do it. They have water fountains, a waiting room and a soda machine. 5 Stars, A+ from me.

Jay Brown Avatar
Jay Brown
2/20/2018 - Google

The best and easiest time I've ever had working on a car. Well worth the drive over. The atmosphere(yes, it's like taking your car on a date) is outstanding. The staff is very helpful and laid back. Every tool you could possibly need right at you fingertips. It was a lot of fun and I'll definitely be back and recommend you.

Rena Walton Avatar
Rena Walton
2/20/2018 - Google

Amazing staff..very friendly, very helpful. can't recommend the place enough. They have the tools.. the computers.. the friendly staff and of course the Internet to help figure out any problem you have. more than worth going here first before taking it to a mechanic. Great place!!!!

David OConnell Avatar
David OConnell
2/20/2018 - Google

The entire experience is a 10+. The facility is great with an equally amazing staff. They provide plenty of guidance and advice and made for a truly great visit.

Mike Sonntag Avatar
Mike Sonntag
2/20/2018 - Google

Awesome place good pricing, tools are in good condition and place is always clean which is nice.

Zac Morris Avatar
Zac Morris
2/20/2018 - Google

The guys working there were friendly and really liked the garage. Will go back.

Justin Emanuel Avatar
Justin Emanuel
2/20/2018 - Google

Really cool atmosphere and a very nice place work on your ride.

Caleb Lane Avatar
Caleb Lane
2/20/2018 - Google

They are the best. Very reliable.

Tommy Carson Avatar
Tommy Carson
2/20/2018 - Google

Great price

Tim Figallo Avatar
Tim Figallo
2/20/2018 - Google

Dinesh Balachandran Avatar
Dinesh Balachandran
2/20/2018 - Google

Michael Borrelli Avatar
Michael Borrelli
2/20/2018 - Google

Matt Strevig Avatar
Matt Strevig
2/20/2018 - Google

Shown Pullen Avatar
Shown Pullen
2/20/2018 - Google

ANNIE Fournier Avatar
ANNIE Fournier
2/20/2018 - Google

Edgardo Abreu Avatar
Edgardo Abreu
2/20/2018 - Google

Josh Martel Avatar
Josh Martel
2/18/2018 - Facebook

Nice spot just got the club membership can’t wait to get the club up there

Dave Swantek Avatar
Dave Swantek
2/17/2018 - Facebook

Great environment and has all the tools you need. Very friendly and knowledgeable staff! Will definitely go again!

Joshua Soler Avatar
Joshua Soler
2/15/2018 - Facebook

My experience at this place was outstanding! Great staff , great looking place , and every tool possible for one great price. You just can't beat it ! Will recommend to all car lovers who love working on there vehicle.

Tillman Clay Heuer Avatar
Tillman Clay Heuer
2/14/2018 - Facebook

This is the best Do It Yourself Garage around! This place has it all: great lifts, new and organized tools, and a friendly environment. It is also owned by two of the nicest and honest people in the world! I would recommend everyone to come check out American Do It Yourself Garage in Virginia Beach, VA

FE Fuller Avatar
FE Fuller
2/03/2018 - Facebook

This is my dream garage! I live in a townhouse and been working on my vehicles as well as my friends vehicles in my driveway for over 20 years. This garage is magnificent!! The staff is extremely helpful and courteous!! I have already started planning my next visit and what work I'm going to do on which vehicle. I would like to extend my gratitude to the owners for opening the garage and the staff for the assistance today

Jobie Walker Avatar
Jobie Walker
2/03/2018 - Facebook

Scheduled a lift and was greeted upon arrival. If you're a DIYer or even slightly mechanically inclined this place is for you! Great people, tools and facilities! Highly recommend this business!

Morgan Cook Avatar
Morgan Cook
2/02/2018 - Facebook

Excellent place to wrench on your vehicle. Staff is very helpful, tools boxes well stocked, bays are clean and bright. Can't say enough good things about this place!

Gregory Blaine Avatar
Gregory Blaine
2/01/2018 - Facebook

First time going there and I fell in love with place. I work in a machine shop.
So I know how important it is to have all the right tools. And they do. They're very helpful when you need a hand. They are very friendly and professional.
I plan on doing most of my vehicles maintenance there.

Chris Levey Avatar
Chris Levey
1/27/2018 - Facebook

Very clean and organized. Staff is attentive and knowledgeable. Cute dogs on site as well.

Richard Cameron Avatar
Richard Cameron
1/26/2018 - Facebook

Love the shop. Saved me so much to be able to have the proper work environment. And the tools to get the job done. Will definitely be back.

Dave Snell Avatar
Dave Snell
1/24/2018 - Facebook

What a GREAT place to get some auto work done. The staff was more than helpful and provided insights! Can't wait to get back there for more work on my classic car!

Tyler Firster Avatar
Tyler Firster
1/18/2018 - Facebook

Amazing service, and the employees are awesome. I’d definitely recommend anyone to this shop hands down. Need a tool? They have it. Need assistance? They’ll be right there to help you. The atmosphere here is wonderful. Not to mention there’s shop dogs, definitely a plus to an already amazing place � giving this garage 5 stars is truly an understatement.

Brandon Mathis Avatar
Brandon Mathis
1/18/2018 - Facebook

Good quality tools, friendly and great quality service. They’re car club friendly, and they have 2 shop dogs. It’s like a win-win-win.

Matt Ford Avatar
Matt Ford
1/18/2018 - Facebook

Michael Phillips Avatar
Michael Phillips
1/18/2018 - Facebook

Brought my car in for front brake pads to get out of the cold for a chance. First time being here and i absolutely loved it! I haven't been in a shop setting in a very long time so doing work on my car hasnt exactly been a fun thing for me. These guys have a great tool kitbready for you with air tools and hydrologic lifts and everything you could need. Absolutely going back again.

Evan Estes Avatar
Evan Estes
1/16/2018 - Facebook

First time there went in to do a water pump... everything in there was very clean and organized! The staff was very friendly and helpful, I will definitely be going back to work on my other two vehicles!

Jessi Leitzel Avatar
Jessi Leitzel
1/16/2018 - Facebook

Great place to go and work on your vehicle if you need to be out of the elements or need tools! Very clean place and amazing people! I Will definitely go again!

Rick Hinkson Avatar
Rick Hinkson
1/13/2018 - Facebook

If my garage was as well stocked as this place, I would be a happy man! I went in for some front end repair, and was able to get what I needed to get done WAAY quicker than what would have been possible if I was doing it in my garage. These guys hit the nail on the head when it comes to an amazing experience--they were there to talk me through stuff, had every tool I could have ever thought of needing, and was an all-around good time. The guys came by every once in a while to check on me, but I'm more of a loner when it comes to wrenching, and I think they saw it because they left me alone for the most part. I will DEFINITELY be back to this garage in the future. Fair price, good atmosphere, great people. Thanks DIYG!

Aaron Harris Avatar
Aaron Harris
1/13/2018 - Facebook

Great people! Went in to do motor mounts and trans mount on my 06 GTO. They had every tool imaginable. The facility is extremely clean and everything is well organized. Owner and employees treat you like family. Plus if you’re a dog lover, they have 2 of the sweetest Golden retrievers to greet you at the front door. Would recommend this place to anyone!

Mary Feeney Avatar
Mary Feeney
1/11/2018 - Facebook

Like doing your own work and don't want to pay an arm and leg for a repair shop then I strongly recommend the American DIYG. This facility has all the tools you would need at each stall. Whether you want a stall with a lift or one without a lift they have what you need to do your work (no alignment equip). They told me that there will have the capability to recharge you vehicle AC soon. The personnel working there are very knowledgeable and helpful. If you get stuck or just need an extra hand they are more than will to help. They will even order a part for you if you find you need something and have it delivered there. I just recently used the facility and was extremely impressed with the quality of the tools that made available to you to use (tool box at each tall and tool room). Pricing was extremely reasonable and they have various discounts for different groups such as active duty, vets, police etc. just ask them about it. Check it out online and see the pictures provided. You can make an appointment on line or by phoning them. If I ever have another job to be done on my care I will go back to them to do it.

Josh Holder Avatar
Josh Holder
12/03/2017 - Facebook

Excellent place to work on your own vehicle. Replaced the CV axle in my wife’s Volvo. They had every tool I needed. Friendly people and willing to help when they can. The ability to get parts delivered through their commercial account and added to your bill was incredibly convenient. I highly recommend this company to anyone who works in their own cars, trucks or motorcycles.

Greg Camargo Avatar
Greg Camargo
11/30/2017 - Facebook

I had a great experience. All the tools were available and if I had any questions or needed help, the staff did not hesitate. The tools and the environment were in excellent condition. Walking in, I thought I was walking into a show room. Would recommend this shop to anyone.

Stacy King Avatar
Stacy King
11/19/2017 - Facebook

Outstanding facility, a wrencher’s DREAM!!! Just wish it wasn’t 3.5hrs from me!!! If you factor in typical labor fees, and time tracking down and gathering tools/parts, this place pays for itself in minutes. It’s SO good, I’m considering driving the 3.5 hrs just to do my work here.

Denis SD Avatar
Denis SD
11/18/2017 - Facebook

Logan Gray Avatar
Logan Gray
11/15/2017 - Facebook

the staff is helpful and help keep thw mood light when things start going the wrong way, clean place, can do almost any project with the tools and equipment they have. really ideal for the people qho take pride in doing their own work

Dale Klein Avatar
Dale Klein
11/11/2017 - Facebook

I’m so glad I stopped and checked this place out. Once my parts came in, I scheduled a bay. The bay was so clean, tools readily available and staff very professional and friendly. I will definitely use them again.

Wayne Lewis Avatar
Wayne Lewis
11/11/2017 - Facebook

Great place to perform do it yourself work on a vehicle. Excellent staff and connected with parts stores that deliver. You can't get that in your driveway!

Jay Ackerman Avatar
Jay Ackerman
11/03/2017 - Facebook

Great place! Clean! friendly staff all the tools you could need what else could you ask for! Put level kit on my 4runner was in and out

Bob Schneider Avatar
Bob Schneider
10/30/2017 - Facebook

Robert Lamb Avatar
Robert Lamb
10/13/2017 - Facebook

Awesome experience at American DIYG! Staff and facility were top notch. Will definitely be back again!

Rob Bohon Avatar
Rob Bohon
10/08/2017 - Facebook

I try to do most of the work on my own cars but have always been limited to a parking lot and basic tools. I ran into an issue with a stuck wheel bearing and didn't want to spent a small fortune at a shop on a $20 part. A friend said that there was a DIY shop on London Bridge so I checked it out yesterday and I was very impressed with everything. I wish I had known about this place earlier! They had everything I needed and I was finished in no time. Their prices are great and the guys working there were very helpful and friendly. I will definitely be going back the next time I need something done to one of my cars.

Stephanie Watts Avatar
Stephanie Watts
10/01/2017 - Facebook

I love this place!! They have everything you could need and more. Always great customer service!!!

Joey Moughan Avatar
Joey Moughan
9/30/2017 - Facebook

Just got back from replacing my ball joints, tie rods, and shocks American Do It Yourself Garage. The staff was incredibly helpful, the entire place was clean, and every tool I needed was right there. I will definitely be coming here again in the future and highly recommend ADIY to anyone!

M Anthony Jeannotte Avatar
M Anthony Jeannotte
9/30/2017 - Facebook

This place is awesome. My first time here and I will be back. Thanks to everyone Wayne and Deb for the help. I will be back.

Will Rogers Avatar
Will Rogers
9/26/2017 - Facebook

Stopped by to change the shocks and struts on the Honda. While there ended up putting in a new radiator also. Had every tool needed and the staff was knowledgeable and helpful. Got a quote from a garage to do the work and ended up saving myself a little over a thousand dollars by doing it myself. Will definitely be back! Thanks

Sam Crockett Avatar
Sam Crockett
9/26/2017 - Facebook

By far, the best place to work on your car! They had every tool that I needed and we're all arranged perfectly in my own personal work area. No more digging around my garage to find a tool! The staff was excellent...always there to give an extra hand & answer any question that I had. I'll be back for sure!

Dann Pelzel Avatar
Dann Pelzel
9/22/2017 - Facebook

Nice facility with honest personnel! I enjoyed the experience and I'm headed back for another project as soon as they open.

Thom Coates Avatar
Thom Coates
9/19/2017 - Facebook

Thanks for all the help today changing the auxiliary fan on my ride. Made things super easy and done a lot faster than in my own garage.

John M Simoes Avatar
John M Simoes
9/19/2017 - Facebook

ADIY garage was a life savor, they had what I needed to complete the job I started in my driveway in a lot less time, all before they closed for the night. The guys were great and without their help, I wouldn't have finished on time. Will definitely be visiting again.

Jack Iswak Avatar
Jack Iswak
9/17/2017 - Facebook

Can't say enuff great things about this place. Saw it advertised at one of the car shows. Spent the day yesterday there working with one of my buddies on his Toyota 86. Great setup, all the tools we needed, very well stocked on everything. The staff Doug and Jared where awesome and a huge help. Can't wait to go back on our next project.

Travis Hite Avatar
Travis Hite
9/03/2017 - Facebook

Awesome place and professional help with any of your car's problem, they saved me $200, thanks Steve and crew!

Edward Fernando Avatar
Edward Fernando
9/03/2017 - Facebook

I was running to the store to prepare myself for a half days work on changing out my brakes in my garage when I remember seeing a flyer about this diy garage. I made a quick call and they had a lift bay available. So instead of buying additional supplies I headed over there. I am so glad I decided to work on my jeep here. All the tools I would need are easily available. The garage is clean and has a lot of space. The time it took was well worth the cost of the bay rental. And they charge in 15 minute increments so I didn't have to rush to get it done in an hour to pay for a second hour. Also if you need some guidance on your project or some assistance, the staff is very helpful. They helped by getting the right tools that fit my jeep, keeping the bay clean, and making sure i was comfortable with the project. They are there for you. I highly recommend for anyone that doesn't want to make a mess in your garage or need the space. Even just putting your car on a lift makes working the project much easier.

Drew Damico Avatar
Drew Damico
9/02/2017 - Facebook

Great place to work on your vehicle! Debbie and Wayne were friendly and very helpful. Wayne even jumped in to lend a hand while installing a new exhaust system on my car. Shop was clean and all the tools are quality and in great condition. I highly recommend using American DIY Garage! I will be back for my next project/maintenance needs.

Mark Evans Avatar
Mark Evans
8/27/2017 - Facebook

It's pretty awesome to have access to $1 million facility and expert's willing to help out. I do plenty of work in my driveway, but sometimes there's a problem you run into that you need the professionals (or at least there equipment!)

Doug and Sean helped me to get two seized bolts out of my loose suspension parts. We spent an hour doing what would've taken me two days to complete at home and it only cost me 20 bucks!

I was surprised to see their operating hours on Sunday, and I was able to go home and complete my project without waiting till the next "business day."

Thumbs up to this great community asset.

Dr. Mark Evans
757 Auto Events

Frank Jay IV Brown Avatar
Frank Jay IV Brown
8/26/2017 - Facebook

The best and easiest time I've ever had working on a car. Well worth the drive over. The atmosphere(yes, it's like taking your car on a date) is outstanding. The staff is very helpful and laid back. Every tool you could possibly need right at you fingertips. It was a lot of fun and I'll definitely be back and recommend you.

Eric Provost Avatar
Eric Provost
8/19/2017 - Facebook

Great place to come in and work on your car. All the tools you could need for any job, and the people who work there are friendly as hell.

Re Na Avatar
Re Na
8/08/2017 - Facebook

What an awesome place! Great rates, nice staff who is willing to help, and the cleanest garage ever. Highly recommended.

Patrick Rona Avatar
Patrick Rona
8/05/2017 - Facebook

This shop provides it's customers with a great clean atmosphere, and every tool you may need to complete your project. I never came across anything I needed that was not within my tool box, which was clean and organized, making my intercooler install go as smooth as possible.

The staff was nice, and the owner seemed to know me by name before I left.. I'm glad I came here over the Hobby Shop on base for sure, and I would definitely recommend making the drive to the American Do It Yourself Garage just as I did from Suffolk. It is worth it. Thanks again, I'll see you guys again soon.

Beth Barty Brosnahan Avatar
Beth Barty Brosnahan
8/04/2017 - Facebook

I LOVED this place! Everything you could possibly need at your reach, amazing people, out of the weather, the people were FANTASTIC, knowledgeable, and over the top service. Absolutely over the top as far as being helpful.

Shelby Lamont Bowman Avatar
Shelby Lamont Bowman
7/30/2017 - Facebook

Michael Borrelli Avatar
Michael Borrelli
7/28/2017 - Facebook

Great space, large selection of tools, and helpful staff. I can't say enough good things about my experience. I will be back for all my and my wife's vehicle upgrades and routine servicing.

Nick Brown Avatar
Nick Brown
7/25/2017 - Facebook

I was getting ready to change my brake pads on my Grand Cherokee in the driveway, when a buddy of mine recommended this place.

Being able to use the lift and having more tools than I could imagine at my disposal made the job so much easier than being stuck at ground level.

Will definitely come here for all those DIY auto repairs!

Jay Stewart Avatar
Jay Stewart
7/22/2017 - Facebook

Saved $400 on my first time at DIYG! Amazing facility. Clean, organized and professional. They've thought of everything to make the experience great. The staff was extremely helpful and spent the time to teach this non-mechanic. Veteran owed!

Levi Alexander Strauss Avatar
Levi Alexander Strauss
7/20/2017 - Facebook

This place is AWESOME! Definitely will return and do future work here. Jared and Wayne are super awesome and worked very hard to help me finish the work I was doing. Many thanks! �

Phyllis Anne Fournier Avatar
Phyllis Anne Fournier
7/03/2017 - Facebook

I highly recommend DIYG!
IT is convenient for the do it yourselfers who want to save money on vehicle maintenance & repairs.
Prices are very reasonable & hours of operation are convenient! ,
For a garage, the tool boxes are organized and inventory is checked to to ensure tools are in the proper places. I was surprised at how clean everything is at this establishment.
The employees drive the vehicle in to the bay area & if a lift is needed they operate it for the customer. The vehicle is driven out by the attendants.
It is a very pleasant environement with helpful attendants who are more than willing to lend a hand when needed.
My husband & I have brought our own vehicles in to work on, as did our son in order do needed repairs and maintenance.
We recently had to replace the brakes on one of our SUV's for state inspection however, the brake fluid still needed to be bled.We headed to DIYG to get that job done.
I learned something new regarding vehicle maintenance and enjoyed working along side my spouse. We have been working on cars together for many years and this is the perfect place to get things done!
We have been telling our friends who work on their own vehicles to stop by and check this establishment out.
You wont be disappointed !!

Alvin Lapitan Avatar
Alvin Lapitan
6/26/2017 - Facebook

Seriously - great, awesome, helpful staff and top notch facility & equipment. Do it.

Jason Linton Avatar
Jason Linton
6/24/2017 - Facebook

Jordan Heijermans Avatar
Jordan Heijermans
6/22/2017 - Facebook

What a great spot! I will definitely be back, as I enjoy tinkering on my vehicles and saving money by doing my own maintenance/repairs. I took some front suspension in to use the wall-mounted spring compressor. 45 minutes and $5.60 later, I had the springs on the new struts. The guys running the shop are happy to jump in and assist with things if desired, the place is super clean and organized, and the garage is well-stocked with a great selection of quality tools. A place like this is a great asset to this area!

Margaret Mignott Avatar
Margaret Mignott
6/20/2017 - Facebook

Our first time. Have no regret. Excellent services. Everything for your use.nice clean rest area. Friendly and helpful staff.we love it.great Diyg.

Kristy Cotthaus Avatar
Kristy Cotthaus
6/12/2017 - Facebook

Thanks for saving my husband a ton of money today by him using the garage! He said it was awesome and I am one happy wife that the AC now works in our Jeep!

John Cotthaus Avatar
John Cotthaus
6/12/2017 - Facebook

You guys are AMAZING! I spent just over four hours today replacing my A/C compressor, condenser, receiver/drier and all lines with parts I ordered online from rock auto to a grand total of $536.40. After talking with you guys at the shop I decided to call a local dealership to get a price quote to replace the same items, I JUST got off the phone with them and they advised it would be an ALL DAY repair to the tune of $2400!!!! Thank you so much for providing this great service and the awesome hospitality!

Amy Bell Avatar
Amy Bell
6/04/2017 - Facebook

I am so glad my husband found this place. We've brought both of our cars there to work on them. The staff there is super helpful and I was amazed at how clean and organized the garage was. Over the weekend we had a problem with my car that kept it from running and was very difficult to diagnose. The staff there wouldn't give up on helping my husband figure out what it was. Over the past few months, they have helped us save thousands of dollars by not having to take or cars to a mechanic. I can't recommend them enough!

Cheryl Reynolds Avatar
Cheryl Reynolds
6/04/2017 - Facebook

My other half and I were looking to change the suspension on his car, came across this place and decided to give it a shot. Not only is the facility amazingly clean and organized, the people are incredibly helpful and friendly. We will absolutely be back for our next project!

David Allen Avatar
David Allen
5/28/2017 - Facebook

I just bought a 2nd hand car and needed to pull the wheels and see what the brakes looked like. Having met the owner and his wife a few weeks earlier at a Mustang show I thought about American DIY Garage and I made and an appointment and drove out and I was quite impressed. The shop is clean, the staff very welcoming, knowledgeable, helpful, and friendly, and a great set of tools, lifts, and everything else needed to work on cars. The shop even offers coffee and I'm talking man size cups, 16 or maybe 20 oz not the Dixie cup size you get at many repair shops. The employee who helped me was never far away when I needed something and tried to anticipate my needs without being intrusive. We talked as I was working and he offered many good tips which made the time go by quickly and made what I needed to do not seem like such a chore. The only thing the shop really needs is Heidi and I shared this with the staff and hopefully they will make this happen. Now guys if you don't know who Heidi is you may as just turn in your Man Cards because you have no business hanging around a car shop. 🙂 All kidding aside this is a great place with excellent equipment and staff and I will go back.

Gabe Capili Avatar
Gabe Capili
5/21/2017 - Facebook

Ryan Gilliam Avatar
Ryan Gilliam
5/14/2017 - Facebook

The place is top notch. Very well kept facilities, great and helpful staff, and very reasonable fees! This is now my go to place for working on my vehicles! Highly recommend!

David Thomas Hickman Avatar
David Thomas Hickman
5/11/2017 - Facebook

It's so awesome! If you need it they got it. $20 a hour for all the tools you need. A nice clean bay. $30 a hour if lift is needed. If need a part they will call it in and have it brought to you unlike if your at home. This place is all go time and no down time. Deffently using them again!

Ken Paul Avatar
Ken Paul
5/08/2017 - Facebook

Ellen Matthias Avatar
Ellen Matthias
5/08/2017 - Facebook

Jim Bell Avatar
Jim Bell
4/23/2017 - Facebook

I went a few weeks ago to do some work on my truck. I will definitely go back more as the need arises.

Not only do they have all the tools you can possibly need, the staff is very helpful if you need a hand.

Michael Woody Leonard Avatar
Michael Woody Leonard
4/19/2017 - Facebook

Awesome staff, clean and organized garage. They even have a shop dog.

Taylor Chappelle Avatar
Taylor Chappelle
4/16/2017 - Facebook

Was there this morning to knock out a clutch job. Great friendly staff and very nice clean tidy shop. Would highly recommend this place to anyone and everyone.

Mike Klaus Avatar
Mike Klaus
4/12/2017 - Facebook

Went in for an A/C service,quick and easy. saved a load of money vs dealer or a shop. Staff was awesome and I will be back for sure. would recommend highly to others.

Ricky Dosamantes Avatar
Ricky Dosamantes
4/06/2017 - Facebook

Went there for the first time today, their shop is very clean and well maintained. They have every tool that you need to get the job done with both hand tools and power tools. The price for bay rental is affordable and The people there were extremely helpful and pretty cool at the same time. I definitely recommend the shop.

Josh McCaskill Avatar
Josh McCaskill
3/29/2017 - Facebook

Clean shop and courteous employees. Not afraid to help or share a laugh, while also respecting your space and abilities. Really enjoyed both visits and will certainly be back.

Tiffany Crown Avatar
Tiffany Crown
3/27/2017 - Facebook

This place has everything you need to fix any automotive issue you have! Get in a jam and they have mechanics on staff to help! Best experience!!!

Joseph Palavicini Avatar
Joseph Palavicini
3/25/2017 - Facebook

Loved it. Great equipment. Great staff. My nee go to shop when i want to work on my car.

Ricky Carawan Avatar
Ricky Carawan
3/25/2017 - Facebook

Jeremy Pedigo Avatar
Jeremy Pedigo
3/15/2017 - Facebook

Stopped by to check it out 2 weeks ago. Came back today to sandblast a couple parts. This place is awesome! Very organized, clean and well lit. Staff was great. Definitely will be back for a larger job on my mustang.

Michael Bonkoski Avatar
Michael Bonkoski
3/13/2017 - Facebook

Went in yesterday for first time and they have everything and anything you need to get your vehicle fixed plus they have people there to help if you get stuck on something. Highly recommend going there.

Charles Hoopes Avatar
Charles Hoopes
3/08/2017 - Facebook

Tyler Johnson Avatar
Tyler Johnson
3/08/2017 - Facebook

Do all the work yourself with an awesome team there to help you out if you get stuck or just have a question. Clean work environment with all the tools you need to get the job done.

Rogelio Oñate-Pérez Avatar
Rogelio Oñate-Pérez
3/06/2017 - Facebook

This place is awesome! They had every tool I needed to get the job done in a beautiful, clean, and organized shop with a courteous and VERY helpful staff. I've always wished for a shop like this close to my house. I'll be back!

Paul Hunt Avatar
Paul Hunt
3/06/2017 - Facebook

Tom Cornelissen Avatar
Tom Cornelissen
3/05/2017 - Facebook

I have been here 3 times so far. The staff is great and extremely helpful. The place is incredibly clean. They have all the tools you need. Why go to an expensive shop when you can save some money and "Do It Yourself."

Dale Leonard Avatar
Dale Leonard
3/05/2017 - Facebook

Stopped by to see the space and was blown away by the layout, professionalism of owners/staff, and the can-do spirit of the place. Highly recommend and will be spending a few weekends doing projects here.

Hampton Roads has been needing a place like this for a long time. Glad they are here!

Jl Champion Avatar
Jl Champion
3/01/2017 - Facebook

The guys at the shop and friendly. Always checking to make sure you have all the tools to do the job.

Toby Gamble Avatar
Toby Gamble
2/26/2017 - Facebook

Went in for some quick maintenance. Awesome place and awesome staff. Definitely will be returning.

Fisher Farlow Avatar
Fisher Farlow
2/26/2017 - Facebook

Robert Fenimore Avatar
Robert Fenimore
2/23/2017 - Facebook

Dylan Martz Avatar
Dylan Martz
2/22/2017 - Facebook

Timothy Cheary Avatar
Timothy Cheary
2/20/2017 - Facebook

Jon M Avatar
Jon M
2/20/2017 - Google

Stopped by earlier today to change my girlfriend's brakes on her Honda Accord. First time in after passing by a while back and making note of it. First look inside and you'll see how nice of a "work environment" you have at your hands. We were shown around and told of the prices and availability of the tools which are all VERY organized(very much like an aviation wotk shop, for the military guys/girls). They have everything from lifts and air tools, to brake cleaner and a media blasting cabinet. Their webite is very informative in itself. Guys that were working here are both cool guys and very helpful gearheads/retired military themselves. Took just under an hour to change her front brakes, thy how orgained it is here! Will definitely be back to work on my own vehicle in the future. Thanks guys!

Matthew Kreider Avatar
Matthew Kreider
2/20/2017 - Google

Not enough words to describe how awesome this place is. My wife and I live in DC but she is from VA beach. We saw this place one visit and thought we'd have to check it out for a repair. Sure enough my wife needed new brakes and rotors. Fast forward to repair day, the staff ran me through layout of the garage, they offered assistance when needed and expert advice during my repair. They constantly checked on me to make sure I was ok. Their facilities are top notch and $30/hr for a lift Bay is generously reasonable. This place is perfect for people on a budget, or those whod rather work on their own car instead of paying for labor. I will be making the 4 hr drive to VA beach anytime I need to perform a car repair from now own. 20 out of 10!!!

Clint C Avatar
Clint C
2/20/2017 - Google

Been here twice now, exceptional service is a understatement with these guys. I came in with a fuel leak and these stand up guys did everything under the sun to get me the parts I needed to proper patch on the punctured line until the official Mercedes part got in...and that was only the first time doing business with them. Their facility is top notch, they're knowledgeable and willing to help no matter the task, the prices ain't bad at all, and they're genuinely good folks. They'll see plenty of me in the future to come. If you're looking to fix your ride and wanna support the little man, this is where you wanna go.

Ryan Harper Avatar
Ryan Harper
2/20/2017 - Google

Great location, great equipment, and great staff. A buddy and I drove from the hellhole of Maryland to do a catback exhaust system install here; the staff was patient and helpful. Sergio in particular provided a wealth of information and straight up got hands on with the install, saving us during several crucial portions. Plus, I spent a 1/4 of the money I would to have someone else do it for me at a shop and walked away with the experience and peace of mind that no monkeys were banging around on my car for a few hours. Can't say enough about the experience.

Jason Sulcer Avatar
Jason Sulcer
2/20/2017 - Google

Can't say enough about the helpful friendly staff at this place. I live in D.C. but come to Va beach on the weekends. I needed to change a bad wheel bearing on my BMW. Took me and their staff over 6 hours before we were able to get this thing off and replaced. They even stayed open late for me to finish the job. Cant say enough about the professional mechanic that helped me out. I highly recommend this for any repair needs small or big. The place was amazingly clean and they have every tool imaginable.Thanks again!

Shawn Crosby Avatar
Shawn Crosby
2/20/2017 - Google

Great place to git-r-done!!

Kale Muscarella Avatar
Kale Muscarella
2/20/2017 - Google

Josh Hellis Avatar
Josh Hellis
2/15/2017 - Facebook

Stopped by to work on my suspension before getting a final alignment with my lowered St. Great ownership and management! Willing to give a hand when needed. Great tools and Clean shop! Couldn't ask for a better place to work on the car.

Andrew Goszkowicz Avatar
Andrew Goszkowicz
2/10/2017 - Facebook

Best do it yourself garage I've ever seen. Very clean work environment and friendly staff willing to help with whatever you need help with. Not expensive at all. And they have all the tools you would need for any job. Most definitely going back highly recommend checking it out.

John Herbert Avatar
John Herbert
2/10/2017 - Facebook

A fabulous facility. Great staff, awesome layout and extremely friendly and knowledgeable staff. Had everything we needed to rebuild the front axle of our 78 F-250. Very clean and well kept. Tools were very well organized in the tool boxes and the tool corral had everything that wasn't right at our station. Very pleased and will be back for future projects. Oh...and if you are a dog lover, you are sure to be greeted by two large fur babies when you check in. What a wonderful experience.

Stacey Estep Avatar
Stacey Estep
2/04/2017 - Facebook

My husband has went there twice a he loves the garage, the tools are always available, garage is very neat, and the employees are always helpful. He plans on using them whenever he works on his vehicles in the future!!! 😍😀😍😀😍😉😎🚘🛠🔑

Avery Gasser Avatar
Avery Gasser
2/04/2017 - Facebook

I stopped by American DIYG to throw some strut extensions in to level out my 2013 F-150,needed some guidance and they were there for me, this is by far the best shop ive ever worked in,with great guys running the place and an awsome shop i can only say ill be back for more and im bringin friends!

Jacob Arici Avatar
Jacob Arici
1/15/2017 - Facebook

Totally awesome. Wish I found this place sooner. Great looking place, has literally everything you could possibly need. I'll they need is to invest in a alignment rack and I'd never have to go to a shop ever again. And they got two super adorable dogs hahah

Charles Ardolino Avatar
Charles Ardolino
1/15/2017 - Facebook

Allen Torres Avatar
Allen Torres
1/15/2017 - Facebook

Great place to work on your car. The staff is super helpful. They have tons of tools to get the job done. I've been there 3 times already. It's nice to have a place where you can get access to tools and a lift for a fair price away from the weather. I'm sure I'll be back.

Jason Barber Avatar
Jason Barber
1/14/2017 - Facebook


Tony Mester Avatar
Tony Mester
1/14/2017 - Facebook

Great place to get some work done with a lift and all tools, etc. Was able to help a friend get his BMW lowered in a few hours with ease.

Highly recommended!

Joshua Rutland Avatar
Joshua Rutland
12/28/2016 - Facebook

Awesome shop! Great place to work on your car. A great selection of tools, well organized, and super helpful folks make car repair fun!

Jonathan Miller Avatar
Jonathan Miller
12/17/2016 - Facebook

Stopped by earlier today to perform some routine maintenance on the daily driver. Saw ADIYG a few months back and made a note to check it out. Once inside i was pleasantly surprised to see the informative staff, ready to help and show us around. Spotless "work" environment, great prices, organized, spacious work area for any project, and quality tools just a few steps away from your vehicle. Again, friendly, informative staff(retired military and car enthusiasts themselves). Surely a place to stop in and check out! Great first experience and will definitely be back whether doing routine maintenance or to install some go fast goodies on the "toys." Thanks again guys!

Daniel Smith Avatar
Daniel Smith
11/26/2016 - Facebook

Such a nice place to be. Decent tools. Good selection. The staff was helpful and nice. Well worth the money I spent. I will be back if I ever need to use a lift or a place to work

Chris Cronin Avatar
Chris Cronin
11/21/2016 - Facebook

This place is great!! We used this service on Sunday and had an amazing exsperience. I will tell everyone I know. They provide me with every tool needed to complete my mission. They are also veteran owned. Thank you and see you soon.

Parris Scott Avatar
Parris Scott
10/29/2016 - Facebook

Matt Kreider Avatar
Matt Kreider
10/28/2016 - Facebook

Great prices, great people, expert advice, occasional assistance, and a very friendly staff. Will be returning.

Chris Hirschman Avatar
Chris Hirschman
10/17/2016 - Facebook

Great place. We did a r&r on a bmw engine and tranny and was very helpful have a shop with plenty of room and tools. They also have specialty tools in case u get in a jam. The air hoses are great on reels and plenty of pressure. Might have to get a membership if we can get more work.

Buddy Gay Avatar
Buddy Gay
10/02/2016 - Facebook

Always a great time at A DIYG! Owners are absolutely awesome people! Top shelf!

Bo Ann Avatar
Bo Ann
9/25/2016 - Facebook

Tonie Walters Agar Williams Avatar
Tonie Walters Agar Williams
9/20/2016 - Facebook

Kristin Jenn Strout Avatar
Kristin Jenn Strout
8/24/2016 - Facebook

Kory Martin Avatar
Kory Martin
8/20/2016 - Facebook

Great place great people and have everything you should need for what you need to work on I defiantly recommend going there and will be going there again and again

Tracey Wilson Avatar
Tracey Wilson
7/20/2016 - Facebook

Rebecca Crummitt Garnsey Avatar
Rebecca Crummitt Garnsey
7/20/2016 - Facebook

Great idea!!! I wish we had one of these years ago!!!

Matthew Klier Avatar
Matthew Klier
7/18/2016 - Facebook